Evander - Guelph Newborn Session

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  I don't normally blog individual sessions anymore, I draw a complete blank when it comes to what to say...  Well my thoughts are, pictures should be saying the words for me ;)  Evander came for a visit last month and I couldn't have been more pleased.  He was and is an adorable little man and he did so awesome.  My newborn sessions can take up to 3 hours, but when they take less time that usually means the baby slept.  When babies come in for a session they will get undressed and fed and then the work begins.  Please enjoy some of my favourites from this sweet guys session.

If you are interested in booking a session, please feel free to contact me or visit my website www.daniellekilgorephotography.com or Facebook page www.facebook.com/dkilgorephotography

_MG_8842_MG_8842 _MG_8859_MG_8859 _MG_8861 (Medium)_MG_8861 (Medium) _MG_8843 (Medium)_MG_8843 (Medium) _MG_8828 (Medium)_MG_8828 (Medium) _MG_8864_MG_8864 _MG_8875 (Medium)_MG_8875 (Medium) _MG_8869 (Medium)_MG_8869 (Medium) _MG_8877 (Medium)_MG_8877 (Medium) _MG_8886 (Medium)_MG_8886 (Medium) _MG_8899 (Medium)_MG_8899 (Medium) _MG_8901 (Medium)_MG_8901 (Medium)

April-Babies-bumps and beauties-Guelph photography

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  Another month has slipped by and I am so happy that I get to work outside again (when it isn't raining).  I met some adorable babies, some beautiful expecting mama' and a family <3  Please enjoy some of my favourites from April!  We are in May already, time flies!

_MG_8861 (Medium)_MG_8861 (Medium) _MG_9461_MG_9461 _MG_8565_MG_8565 _MG_8899_MG_8899 _MG_8549 (Medium)_MG_8549 (Medium) _MG_8374_MG_8374 _MG_8383_MG_8383 _MG_8279_MG_8279 _MG_8284_MG_8284 _MG_9582_MG_9582 _MG_8750_MG_8750 _MG_8777_MG_8777 _MG_8085_MG_8085 _MG_7867_MG_7867 _MG_7909_MG_7909 _MG_0024_MG_0024 collage-2collage-2 _MG_9216_MG_9216 _MG_9772_MG_9772


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  Another month has gone by and I was more than happy to photograph some beautiful pregnancies and some adorable babies.  It doesn't seem real sometimes when I think about what I used to do for work...  Dragging myself out of bed to work my butt off for people that didn't appreciate it.  I did have some jobs that I really liked, like a retail job in Toronto.  The girls I worked with were amazing and we had a lot of fun and drama, as to be expected when you have a room full of females.  I had other jobs that I hated or the people there were just not great people.  Now I get to work with amazing people and for myself!  No one is going to get mad at me for asking for a raise, and no one is going to let me go with 2 weeks left from my maternity leave.  Nope, I work with adorable babies and wonderful families.  

Now that I am done with that rant, I am going to share some of my favourite images from March.

_MG_5133_MG_5133 _MG_5168 (Medium)_MG_5168 (Medium) _MG_5638 (Medium)_MG_5638 (Medium) _MG_5609_MG_5609 _MG_6269_MG_6269 _MG_6288_MG_6288 _MG_6393_MG_6393 _MG_6423_MG_6423 _MG_6820_MG_6820 _MG_6849_MG_6849 _MG_7262_MG_7262 _MG_6189_MG_6189 _MG_6226_MG_6226 _MG_7104_MG_7104 _MG_5450_MG_5450 _MG_7640_MG_7640


 Please spread the word to let anyone know I am offering $100 off newborn sessions until this coming Saturday, April 8th.  


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  February turned out to be a busier month than I had expected.  I met some beautiful expecting mama' and of course, some adorable babies ;)  Please enjoy some of my favourites.

 I am currently offering 15% off any package booked until Saturday, March 25th.  Please contact me to book your session or if you have any questions.

_MG_3867_MG_3867 _MG_2819-2_MG_2819-2 _MG_2813_MG_2813 _MG_2820_MG_2820 _MG_3893_MG_3893 _MG_2828_MG_2828 _MG_2908_MG_2908 _MG_4087_MG_4087 _MG_4171_MG_4171 _MG_4196_MG_4196 _MG_4207_MG_4207 _MG_4297_MG_4297 _MG_3968_MG_3968 _MG_4010_MG_4010 _MG_4793_MG_4793 _MG_4812_MG_4812 _MG_4864_MG_4864 _MG_3019_MG_3019 _MG_3024_MG_3024 _MG_3052_MG_3052 _MG_3424_MG_3424 _MG_3425_MG_3425 _MG_3702_MG_3702 _MG_3714_MG_3714 _MG_3746_MG_3746 _MG_4394_MG_4394 _MG_4468_MG_4468 _MG_4484_MG_4484 _MG_4517 (Medium)_MG_4517 (Medium) _MG_4613_MG_4613 _MG_4619_MG_4619 _MG_4639_MG_4639 _MG_4712_MG_4712 _MG_4716_MG_4716 _MG_4727_MG_4727 _MG_4744_MG_4744


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Maybe I will do a monthly blog post sharing my favourites from sessions done during the month.  Let's get real, I am probably not going to post a blog for every session, that would mean I have to be more organised ;)  I am starting with January (I know, that was 2 months ago), but I do want to share some of these beautiful images of the lovely people I met and spent a little bit of time with. Most of them were done in my home studio in Guelph, and 2 were in home sessions in Guelph and Acton, ON.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)


If you are thinking about booking a newborn or maternity session, please feel free to contact me at dkilgorephotography@rogers.com or you can shoot me a message on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dkilgorephotography


_MG_1458 (Medium)_MG_1458 (Medium) _MG_2069 (Medium)_MG_2069 (Medium) _MG_2081 (Medium)_MG_2081 (Medium) _MG_1439 (Medium)_MG_1439 (Medium) _MG_1413 (Medium)_MG_1413 (Medium) _MG_2120_MG_2120 _MG_0625 (Medium)_MG_0625 (Medium) _MG_0712 (Medium)_MG_0712 (Medium) _MG_0726 (Medium)_MG_0726 (Medium) _MG_0738 (Medium)_MG_0738 (Medium) _MG_0765 (Medium)_MG_0765 (Medium) _MG_0813 (Medium)_MG_0813 (Medium) _MG_0820 (Medium)_MG_0820 (Medium) _MG_0892 (Medium)_MG_0892 (Medium) _MG_0930 (Medium)_MG_0930 (Medium) _MG_0959 (Medium)_MG_0959 (Medium) _MG_1064 (Medium)_MG_1064 (Medium) _MG_1096 (Medium)_MG_1096 (Medium) _MG_1168 (Medium)_MG_1168 (Medium) _MG_1176 (Medium)_MG_1176 (Medium) _MG_1299 (Medium)_MG_1299 (Medium) _MG_1617 (Medium)_MG_1617 (Medium) _MG_1809 (Medium)_MG_1809 (Medium) _MG_1869 (Medium)_MG_1869 (Medium) _MG_1253 (Medium)_MG_1253 (Medium) _MG_1377 (Medium)_MG_1377 (Medium) _MG_1636 (Medium)_MG_1636 (Medium) _MG_2240_MG_2240 _MG_2221_MG_2221 _MG_2498_MG_2498 _MG_2432_MG_2432