Twin Baby Boys-Guelph Photographer

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  Last month, I had the pleasure of working with 2 newborn brothers.  I will be photographing them every month until they are 1 year!  It is pretty awesome watching the change and growth in babies.  These two were adorable!  One brother was super chill, while the other wanted to keep his eyes open and he sure did love his soother ;)  They both did amazing for their session, and so did their parents.  They fought through and helped me out a lot, even though they were tired.  I am sharing some of my favourites from their session.

IMG_8983IMG_8983 IMG_8990IMG_8990 IMG_9006IMG_9006 IMG_8994IMG_8994 IMG_9026IMG_9026 IMG_9030IMG_9030 IMG_9036IMG_9036 IMG_9053IMG_9053 IMG_9059IMG_9059 IMG_9033IMG_9033 IMG_9037IMG_9037 IMG_9042IMG_9042 IMG_9063IMG_9063 IMG_9065IMG_9065

July sessions-maternity-newborn-family photography

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  And just like that, I can say it's August...  In some ways, it feels like summer just started, but in other ways, it feels like forever.  I love spending time with my kids, but I am also looking forward to being able to sort of have a 9-5 job.  Realistically it would be 9-3 as that is when school is done, but to actually be able to work, and to be able to focus on something for longer than 5 minutes, without distractions!  Well, that sounds amazing.  But I also know myself and I will probably miss my kids terribly and be bored out of my skull without the chaos all day.


  Well, I'm not going to go on about how the summer's end is near because that is just depressing.  We also have the fall which is the best season of all!  I actually can't wait to be wearing sweaters and socks and sandals ;)  I am sharing some of my favourites from last month.  While the sun was shining (on days it didn't rain...), and the bugs were out and I didn't have to use my space heater much for the tiny babies that came over.

IMG_9964IMG_9964 IMG_8436IMG_8436 IMG_8628IMG_8628 collage-2collage-2 IMG_9786IMG_9786 IMG_9690IMG_9690 IMG_8983IMG_8983 IMG_1130IMG_1130 IMG_8657IMG_8657 IMG_9073IMG_9073 IMG_0743IMG_0743 IMG_0324IMG_0324 IMG_0122IMG_0122 IMG_0039IMG_0039

Glamping 2017

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  Another year has come and another glamping trip has been had.  We went to Port Elgin where we have a trailer and we try to spend all of our spare weekends at the campground.  There were bike rides, bubbles, trips to the pool, campfires and all the usual fun stuff that comes with camping.  I think the kids slept in once, the morning after their friends arrived.  Too much partying the night before I suppose ;)  We were there for a total of 11 days!  Some days seemed to drag when the kids were being super high maintenance, but overall we had a blast.  I am sharing some of my favourites from our glamping vacation :)

IMG_8340 (Medium)IMG_8340 (Medium) IMG_8327 (Medium)IMG_8327 (Medium) IMG_8305 (Medium)IMG_8305 (Medium) IMG_8317 (Medium)IMG_8317 (Medium) IMG_8287 (Medium)IMG_8287 (Medium) IMG_8329 (Medium)IMG_8329 (Medium) IMG_8260 (Medium)IMG_8260 (Medium) IMG_8278 (Medium)IMG_8278 (Medium) IMG_8241 (Medium)IMG_8241 (Medium) IMG_8233 (Medium)IMG_8233 (Medium) IMG_8230 (Medium)IMG_8230 (Medium) IMG_8221 (Medium)IMG_8221 (Medium) IMG_8192 (Medium)IMG_8192 (Medium) IMG_8335 (Medium)IMG_8335 (Medium) IMG_8202 (Medium)IMG_8202 (Medium) IMG_8189 (Medium)IMG_8189 (Medium) IMG_8156 (Medium)IMG_8156 (Medium) IMG_8170 (Medium)IMG_8170 (Medium) IMG_8138 (Medium)IMG_8138 (Medium) IMG_8147 (Medium)IMG_8147 (Medium) IMG_8100 (Medium)IMG_8100 (Medium) IMG_8060 (Medium)IMG_8060 (Medium) IMG_8033 (Medium)IMG_8033 (Medium) IMG_8097 (Medium)IMG_8097 (Medium) IMG_7989 (Medium)IMG_7989 (Medium) IMG_7953 (Medium)IMG_7953 (Medium) IMG_7994 (Medium)IMG_7994 (Medium) IMG_8026 (Medium)IMG_8026 (Medium) IMG_7935 (Medium)IMG_7935 (Medium) IMG_7998 (Medium)IMG_7998 (Medium) IMG_8010 (Medium)IMG_8010 (Medium) IMG_8047 (Medium)IMG_8047 (Medium) IMG_8056 (Medium)IMG_8056 (Medium) IMG_7908 (Medium)IMG_7908 (Medium) IMG_7897 (Medium)IMG_7897 (Medium) IMG_7904 (Medium)IMG_7904 (Medium) IMG_7880 (Medium)IMG_7880 (Medium) IMG_7887 (Medium)IMG_7887 (Medium) IMG_7863 (Medium)IMG_7863 (Medium) IMG_7872 (Medium)IMG_7872 (Medium) IMG_7850 (Medium)IMG_7850 (Medium) IMG_7844 (Medium)IMG_7844 (Medium) IMG_7840 (Medium)IMG_7840 (Medium) IMG_7811 (Medium)IMG_7811 (Medium) IMG_7828 (Medium)IMG_7828 (Medium) IMG_7805 (Medium)IMG_7805 (Medium) IMG_7804 (Medium)IMG_7804 (Medium) IMG_7808 (Medium)IMG_7808 (Medium) IMG_7798 (Medium)IMG_7798 (Medium) IMG_7788 (Medium)IMG_7788 (Medium) IMG_7797 (Medium)IMG_7797 (Medium) IMG_7784 (Medium)IMG_7784 (Medium) IMG_7773 (Medium)IMG_7773 (Medium) IMG_7771 (Medium)IMG_7771 (Medium) IMG_7764 (Medium)IMG_7764 (Medium) IMG_7755 (Medium)IMG_7755 (Medium) IMG_7752 (Medium)IMG_7752 (Medium) IMG_7751 (Medium)IMG_7751 (Medium) IMG_7746 (Medium)IMG_7746 (Medium) IMG_7731 (Medium)IMG_7731 (Medium) IMG_7725 (Medium)IMG_7725 (Medium) IMG_7708 (Medium)IMG_7708 (Medium) IMG_7701 (Medium)IMG_7701 (Medium) IMG_7691 (Medium)IMG_7691 (Medium) IMG_7672 (Medium)IMG_7672 (Medium) IMG_7667 (Medium)IMG_7667 (Medium) IMG_8357 (Medium)IMG_8357 (Medium) IMG_8370 (Medium)IMG_8370 (Medium)

June-Maternity and Newborn Photography

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  So June seemed to zip by and we are already half way through July.  It's amazing how the summer months flash by, while winter drags and drags.  I enjoyed meeting and working with some lovely families and their babies last month.  Outdoor maternity sessions are definitely some of my favourites :)  I have selected some of my favourites from last month's sessions to share with you, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

IMG_5935IMG_5935 IMG_7220IMG_7220 IMG_4858IMG_4858 IMG_4902IMG_4902 IMG_6848IMG_6848 IMG_6211-2IMG_6211-2 IMG_5377IMG_5377 IMG_7418IMG_7418 IMG_5100IMG_5100 IMG_4933IMG_4933 IMG_5251IMG_5251 IMG_5256IMG_5256 IMG_5400IMG_5400 IMG_7191IMG_7191 IMG_7640IMG_7640 IMG_6233IMG_6233 IMG_6862IMG_6862 IMG_7272IMG_7272 IMG_7346IMG_7346 IMG_5053IMG_5053 IMG_4870IMG_4870

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Camping! Guelph photographer

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  I am so excited that the camping season has arrived.  I swear we were all counting down the days before we got to go back to the trailer.  I have to be honest though, my kids were a little out of hand at times this weekend, to the point that I think my neighbours were opting to leave.  The fighting and carrying on!  But, having said that, we still had fun, I think we all know that having kids involves a great deal of chaos (in my family at least) ;)  I am sharing some of my favourites from last weekend and our camping trip in Port Elgin <3

IMG_5476IMG_5476 IMG_5498IMG_5498 IMG_5493IMG_5493 IMG_5489IMG_5489 IMG_5479IMG_5479 IMG_5503IMG_5503 IMG_5516IMG_5516 IMG_5517IMG_5517 IMG_5523IMG_5523 IMG_5525IMG_5525 IMG_5536IMG_5536 IMG_5569IMG_5569 IMG_5587IMG_5587 IMG_5589-2IMG_5589-2 IMG_5605IMG_5605 IMG_5610IMG_5610 IMG_5617IMG_5617 IMG_5628IMG_5628 IMG_5630IMG_5630 IMG_5632IMG_5632 IMG_5638IMG_5638 IMG_5640IMG_5640 IMG_5641IMG_5641 IMG_5648IMG_5648 IMG_5656IMG_5656 IMG_5674IMG_5674 IMG_5675IMG_5675 IMG_5676IMG_5676 IMG_5681IMG_5681 IMG_5688IMG_5688 IMG_5698IMG_5698 IMG_5709IMG_5709 IMG_5713IMG_5713 IMG_5743IMG_5743 IMG_5757IMG_5757 IMG_5782IMG_5782 IMG_5783IMG_5783 IMG_5791-2IMG_5791-2 IMG_5802-2IMG_5802-2 IMG_5808IMG_5808 IMG_5813IMG_5813