November-Guelph Photography Sessions

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November came with some rescheduling because of weather and sick kids, yup we began the season of colds in our house...  I had the pleasure of photographing some newborns and families and some very cute babies <3  The season has arrived in which I will be doing more shooting in my home studio in Guelph, ON.  I am more than happy to stay out of the cold, although I do enjoy some wintery sessions.  My Christmas mini' went well with no rescheduling due to sick kiddies and I think everyone had fun!  Please enjoy some of my favourites from last month!


christmas collagechristmas collage IMG_9333IMG_9333 IMG_2212IMG_2212 IMG_2905IMG_2905 IMG_3007IMG_3007 IMG_9200IMG_9200 IMG_2172IMG_2172 IMG_2512IMG_2512 IMG_9130IMG_9130 IMG_9158IMG_9158 IMG_1940IMG_1940 IMG_0293IMG_0293 IMG_1498IMG_1498 IMG_9061-2IMG_9061-2 IMG_1524IMG_1524 IMG_2621IMG_2621 IMG_1463IMG_1463

Guelph Family Photography

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  It's not very often that I blog, once a month actually.  I had to share more from this family session from last month.  The boys were amazing!  They were all smiles, all great listeners and they were all super cute ;)  I don't normally blog an individual session, but I couldn't just share 1 or 2 of my favourites. We met at the Guelph Arboretum (one of my favourite places), for their family photos and the weather was perfect.  Please enjoy some of my favourites from this super sure session :)

IMG_6660IMG_6660 IMG_6641IMG_6641 IMG_6673IMG_6673 IMG_6678IMG_6678 IMG_6703IMG_6703 IMG_6646IMG_6646 IMG_6712IMG_6712 IMG_6679IMG_6679 IMG_6749IMG_6749 IMG_6718IMG_6718

October-Guelph Photography Sessions

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  October!  When the leaves start to change and the beautiful fall light comes.  I love the fall.  I love sweater weather.  I love that my hair isn't so frizzy because of the humidity ;)  There was quite a few cake smashes, sweet newborns and some lovely families.  Yes, we did some rescheduling because October brought a lot of rain, but we did still have some lovely fall weather.  Please enjoy some of my favourites from last month.


IMG_4694IMG_4694 IMG_5355IMG_5355 IMG_4415IMG_4415 IMG_5011IMG_5011 IMG_7187IMG_7187 IMG_5189IMG_5189 collage-2collage-2 IMG_6407IMG_6407 IMG_6532IMG_6532 IMG_6648IMG_6648 IMG_7021IMG_7021 IMG_7937IMG_7937 IMG_8234IMG_8234 IMG_8392IMG_8392 IMG_7487IMG_7487 collage-2collage-2 IMG_4203IMG_4203 IMG_5466IMG_5466 IMG_5511IMG_5511 IMG_5942IMG_5942 IMG_5981IMG_5981 IMG_6124IMG_6124 IMG_6170IMG_6170 IMG_6908IMG_6908 IMG_7833IMG_7833 IMG_8939IMG_8939

September Photo Sessions

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  September was a little quieter than most months.  We celebrated a birthday, started the kids to school and had more family time.  September, like most months, went by in a flash.  I met with some wonderful families and babies, and I am gearing up for the Fall photo season!  Please enjoy some of my favourites from my September' sessions :)

IMG_1616IMG_1616 IMG_1983IMG_1983 IMG_1967IMG_1967 IMG_1760IMG_1760 IMG_3065IMG_3065 IMG_1691IMG_1691 IMG_2809IMG_2809 IMG_2662IMG_2662 IMG_3699IMG_3699 IMG_1467IMG_1467 IMG_2122IMG_2122 IMG_2819IMG_2819 IMG_1831IMG_1831 collagecollage IMG_4046IMG_4046 IMG_3099IMG_3099 IMG_4203IMG_4203 IMG_2697IMG_2697

Summer has come and gone

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  Another summer has flashed by and I wanted to share some of my favourite images.  "Summer should get a speeding ticket", is a quote I keep seeing float around and it couldn't be more bang on.  Spending summer with the kids is already a whirlwind, but when you try to squeeze in as many fun things to do, visits with family and friends, it does speed by.  I really wish we lived in another part of the world where summer lasts longer than 3 months.  Fall is great too, but it really only lasts a month or 2.  We spent a lot of time at our trailer in Port Elgin and enjoyed the park, pool and bike rides as much as we could.  I feel like we missed out on getting other things done on our list, but there just simply isn't enough time in the day.


  Please enjoy this very long list of some of my favourite images.  Unfortunately, my external hard drive died at the end of the summer and I lost some of my photos :(  Luckily, I take enough to maybe forget about the ones lost.

IMG_0297IMG_0297 IMG_1479IMG_1479 IMG_1231IMG_1231 IMG_1847-2IMG_1847-2 IMG_1085IMG_1085 IMG_1191IMG_1191 IMG_1869IMG_1869 IMG_1880_1IMG_1880_1 IMG_9877IMG_9877 IMG_9248IMG_9248 IMG_9718IMG_9718 IMG_9839IMG_9839 IMG_9209IMG_9209 IMG_8961IMG_8961 IMG_8945IMG_8945 IMG_8305IMG_8305 IMG_8317IMG_8317 IMG_8510IMG_8510 IMG_8287IMG_8287 IMG_8241IMG_8241 IMG_8233IMG_8233 IMG_8060IMG_8060 IMG_8156IMG_8156 IMG_8192IMG_8192 IMG_8033IMG_8033 IMG_7989IMG_7989 IMG_7953IMG_7953 IMG_7840IMG_7840 IMG_7844IMG_7844 IMG_7880IMG_7880 IMG_7820IMG_7820 IMG_7808IMG_7808 IMG_7788IMG_7788 IMG_7701IMG_7701 IMG_7764IMG_7764 IMG_7771IMG_7771 IMG_7691IMG_7691 IMG_7266IMG_7266 IMG_7260IMG_7260 IMG_7042IMG_7042 IMG_7045IMG_7045 IMG_7090IMG_7090 IMG_7001IMG_7001 IMG_6997IMG_6997 IMG_6956IMG_6956 IMG_6777IMG_6777 IMG_6799IMG_6799 IMG_6876IMG_6876 IMG_3231IMG_3231 IMG_3071IMG_3071 IMG_2926IMG_2926 IMG_1877_1IMG_1877_1 IMG_1926IMG_1926 IMG_2585IMG_2585 IMG_1508IMG_1508 IMG_1439IMG_1439 IMG_1386IMG_1386 IMG_1075IMG_1075 IMG_1079IMG_1079 IMG_1313IMG_1313 IMG_1058IMG_1058 IMG_0937IMG_0937 IMG_0549IMG_0549 IMG_0405IMG_0405 IMG_0425IMG_0425 IMG_0540IMG_0540 IMG_0353IMG_0353 IMG_0314IMG_0314 IMG_0322IMG_0322 IMG_0045IMG_0045 IMG_0128IMG_0128