There are always a few questions or concerns when it comes to hiring someone to do your photos.  I have listed a few (with answers), to try to cover most of the common questions I receive.


Regarding Newborn Photos


When should we schedule our newborn session?  If you have booked a maternity session with me, your newborn session is booked months in advance.  If you would only like newborn photos, the session is booked in advance to ensure I have availability.  Babies are easiest to photograph when they are sleeping, so bringing them early when they are at their sleepiest is best (5-15 days old).  However, I have still had success with babies as old as 4 weeks.


What if the baby doesn't arrive on their due date?  Most babies don't arrive on their due date.  The newborn session we have booked for you is not set in stone and can definitely be changed once the baby arrives.  I try to be as accommodating as possible.


Will my partner and I and our kids be able to be in the photos?  Yes!  Immediate family is always welcome in the photos. 


Is there an extra fee for sibling and parent photos?  No, family is family, and having photos done of yourself and your children together would not be considered an extra fee.


Should I bring anything to the (studio) session?  If there is a personal item that you would like in the photos, by all means yes.  I do however, have all of the required items for our session.  I am not big on bulky, crocheted items or big bows etc.  I like to keep it simple.


What if my baby is hungry and cranky?  Should we reschedule?  Babies do get hungry and cranky...  Some babies cry and require more frequent feedings, while others sleep for most of their session.  Rescheduling isn't necessary.


Regarding Maternity Sessions


When should I book my maternity session?  I normally book maternity sessions between 32 and 37 weeks.


What should I wear?  I offer several maternity gowns if you are interested.  Otherwise, something form fitting like a top and skirt or a dress.


Can my partner and child(ren), be in the photos with me?  Partners and children are always welcome.  I like to focus on you individually and with your family.


Do you offer mini sessions?  Yes, I offer full length 1 hour maternity sessions and I offer 30 minute mini sessions.    



Regarding Family Sessions


This is a great write-up regarding what to wear for a family session


For in-home and outdoor sessions, I like to keep the session relaxed and laid back.  I don't want to have you sit on your couch and smile at the camera. I like to have my families interact with one another as though I am not there.


I will be adding more to this document as more questions arise.