Guelph Kitchener Cambridge Newborn & Maternity Photography: Blog en-us (C) Danielle Kilgore Photography 2024 (Guelph Kitchener Cambridge Newborn & Maternity Photography) Tue, 30 Apr 2024 11:45:00 GMT Tue, 30 Apr 2024 11:45:00 GMT Guelph Kitchener Cambridge Newborn & Maternity Photography: Blog 120 80 Self Love Sessions MV9A1724-2MV9A1724-2   I am having a heck of a time being able to show anyone my boudoir work.  Meta and Google don't love to let small businesses share semi-nude images.  Even fully clothed images are a hard no from them.  I figured I would try to share via my neglected blog, and see where it takes me.  I LOVE boudoir sessions.  Most of the women I have worked with have been a bit nervous, but once we get started they seem to relax.  I try my best to keep it comfortable, and add a little humour to lighten the mood.  Comedy always wins.  In my opinion at least.  


Here are some of my past boudoir sessions.  I'm hoping that sharing these will remind some of you ladies that you'd love to do this for yourself as well!


IMG_9999IMG_9999 MV9A6396MV9A6396 IMG_1300IMG_1300

(Guelph Kitchener Cambridge Newborn & Maternity Photography) Boudoir Guelph photographer photography self-love sessions Tue, 30 Apr 2024 11:44:50 GMT
Boudoir Photography IMG_0097IMG_0097

Some of you may know I've started a new page, and I'm starting the background work to create a new website, solely for boudoir sessions.  I felt it was necessary to separate newborns and families from boudoir sessions.  I've changed my studio to better suit these sessions.  I am still offering newborn and maternity in the studio, but I'm no longer limited to them due to the opened-up space.  I absolutely love boudoir photography.  I used to get all nervous and didn't really know how to go about doing them, but now I can't wait to do more.  My Guelph-based in-home studio is perfect for photography sessions.  It has a separate entrance and is quite private.  The lighting is gorgeous.  


Boudoir sessions are a fantastic way to build confidence, if that is what you need, it also is a perfect way to show off your hot bod and get all sexy 😉 So, if you're on the fence about getting them done, jump off the damn fence and contact me to book your session.  I'm super easy to work with, and I'll probably crack jokes to try to put you at ease if you're nervous.  But seriously, there is nothing to be nervous about.  It's fun!  And you get gorgeous photos of yourself, in the end, 🥰  Please contact me at Guelph [email protected].  You can find my pricing here





Guelph photography studio offering boudoir photography. 



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Guelph Photography-Newborn Photography   I realized I hadn't done a blog in a while.  It isn't my favourite thing to do, as I am a gal focusing on images, not descriptions.  If you have seen any of my social media posts you can see I don't really tend to say a lot.  So, writing a blog post is strange to me, but I try!  

  I will make this short and sweet, as I am here to share some recent images of newborns that I had the pleasure of photographing.  Please be sure to check out my Pricing here, as well as any current events or Promotions.

MV9A5937MV9A5937 MV9A6845MV9A6845 MV9A3552MV9A3552 collagecollage MV9A4941MV9A4941 MV9A6213MV9A6213 MV9A5372MV9A5372 MV9A1589MV9A1589 MV9A4469MV9A4469 MV9A0426MV9A0426 MV9A2115MV9A2115 MV9A0127-2MV9A0127-2 MV9A0967MV9A0967 MV9A0155MV9A0155 MV9A0369MV9A0369 MV9A4476MV9A4476 MV9A2819MV9A2819 MV9A7446MV9A7446 MV9A7532MV9A7532 MV9A6605MV9A6605 MV9A2566MV9A2566 MV9A2764MV9A2764 MV9A7036MV9A7036

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Newborn Photography Information  


I thought I would write about the whole newborn photography experience.  Many parents tell me they have no idea what to expect as this is either their first time booking a photographer, or it is their first baby.  So, let's start with when to book.  Some parents book months in advance, and others book last minute.  Either is fine with me, except for during the summer through to late fall as things are hectic with sessions during those months.  Maternity sessions (if this is something you are interested in), are done anywhere between 32 and 37ish weeks.  Newborn sessions are booked for anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks ideally, but sometimes life happens and we meet when the baby is 1 month.  That is fine too, but babies become more alert and awake after the first month.  

MV9A3857MV9A3857 MV9A2459MV9A2459

  When you first arrive at my home-based studio, we will get the baby changed into a cute little outfit, which in turn will probably wake them up and they will decide to eat (again).  Generally, the first little portion of the session is spent soothing the baby, and probably feeding them.  I do like to start with wrapping them as that helps to put them to sleep.  I like to place the baby in one of my selected props (boxes, baskets, beds), for posing.  I also use a beanbag for those adorable squishy, sleepy baby photos.

MV9A2843MV9A2843 MV9A1632MV9A1632

  I like to keep the studio warm as babies do prefer a warmer environment to feel comfortable.  Immediate family are always welcome in the photos, except for the mini newborn sessions as they only focus on the baby.  If you have a toddler coming, we normally start with the family portraits in the beginning so they don't get bored and impatient.  There are a few parks, a library, and a Tim Horton's down the road from my studio.  Another parent or guardian is more than welcome to take their other child(ren).

IMG_1168IMG_1168 IMG_3460IMG_3460

  Babies tend to be hungrier when they come to the studio, so I ask parents to be prepared for a little more than usual.  There is seating, so breastfeeding or bottle feeding is comfortable for you.  I have a changing table available for your use as well.  

   IMG_2964IMG_2964 IMG_0814IMG_0814

  Be sure to check out any current promotions here Promotions, and my packages and pricing page here Pricing

I also offer in-home newborn sessions if that is something you are interested in.  Please see the above links for any information.

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Blogging. I don't know what I am doing.   I realized I haven't blogged in a very long time.  I don't even know if this should be called a blog.  I am currently enjoying a moment of "quiet", while my kids are enjoying their March break gaming, and being as lazy as it is humanly possible.  Well, that is my son.  My daughter on the other hand, doesn't really like sitting still for long.  We aren't ones to really do anything "fun" for March break.  We used to go to Niagara to a hotel with the kids for a couple of days, but Covid happened and pooched that idea.  My son and I are homebodies, and have no complaints about not going anywhere, so a visit to the $ store made my daughters vacation! 

  I am going to share some of my past to present sessions and keep you up-to-date that I offer a variety of photography services.  Boudoir, maternity, baby(6 month to 1 year), newborn, and family photography.  Once in awhile I will also do a wedding here and there :)  Reach out if you are looking to get your photos done.

MV9A5890.MV9A5890. MV9A5096-2MV9A5096-2 MV9A9839MV9A9839 MV9A0426MV9A0426 MV9A4497MV9A4497 MV9A4143MV9A4143 MV9A5485MV9A5485 MV9A5711MV9A5711 MV9A0369MV9A0369 MV9A2083MV9A2083 MV9A4476MV9A4476 MV9A5937MV9A5937 MV9A7532MV9A7532 MV9A0992MV9A0992 MV9A0840MV9A0840 MV9A1547MV9A1547 MV9A9870MV9A9870 MV9A6893MV9A6893 MV9A1352MV9A1352 MV9A5799MV9A5799 MV9A0155MV9A0155 MV9A0127-2MV9A0127-2 MV9A6494MV9A6494 MV9A6793MV9A6793 MV9A4148MV9A4148 MV9A7019MV9A7019

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Guelph Photography   Wowza, it's been a loooooooooong time since I did a blog post.  To be honest, I am terrible with words and I never know what to say.  Like "here are some pretty pictures, I hope you like them".  That doesn't really come off as professional or well thought out.  I even have a bit of a hard time using my words to direct people for their photos, so I usually end up just physically moving them myself.

  It's been quiet around here, and things are starting to pick back up again.  I gave the studio a refresh, and it looks more modern, rich and new <3  I am looking forward to having more sessions in the studio to showcase the new paint colour and a few new props and wraps etc. :)

  I am sharing a few of my favourites from recent sessions to keep you up to date and let you know I am still here!  Outdoor sessions are on the horizon and I couldn't be happier about that.  If you are looking for a photographer in the Guelph and surrounding area, I am your woman!  Contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to set something up.

MV9A8444MV9A8444 MV9A7729MV9A7729 MV9A6126MV9A6126 MV9A7373MV9A7373 MV9A8132-2MV9A8132-2 MV9A7092MV9A7092 MV9A5864MV9A5864 MV9A9144MV9A9144 MV9A8041MV9A8041 MV9A7145MV9A7145 MV9A7112-2MV9A7112-2 MV9A7349MV9A7349 MV9A6439MV9A6439 MV9A5838MV9A5838 MV9A8628MV9A8628 MV9A8529-2MV9A8529-2 MV9A7656MV9A7656 MV9A9236_1MV9A9236_1 MV9A8195MV9A8195 MV9A8224MV9A8224


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2021 Catch Up   Holy crap, it has been so long since I wrote a blog.  Well, I don't really "write" much.  I'd rather just share a bunch of photos, because I normally spend more time writing and thinking, then rewriting and thinking, then deleting it all.  So here we are, me filling space with pointless chatter.  

  I thought maybe catching up with sharing photos would be a good idea.  Some of you may be thinking I am just taking photos of my personal life, which I try to do daily, but I do actually see people, that hire me ;)  I am going to fill this blog with a bunch of beautiful families that I had the pleasure of working with over the past few months :)  I hope you enjoy them as much I did :)


IMG_8373IMG_8373 IMG_8121IMG_8121 IMG_7585IMG_7585 IMG_8319IMG_8319 IMG_8637IMG_8637 IMG_8796IMG_8796 IMG_9063IMG_9063 IMG_0413IMG_0413 IMG_0039IMG_0039 IMG_7973IMG_7973 IMG_8174IMG_8174 IMG_8279IMG_8279 IMG_8769IMG_8769 IMG_9733IMG_9733 IMG_0689IMG_0689 IMG_9976IMG_9976 IMG_0896IMG_0896

If you are interested in booking a session please feel free to reach out to [email protected].  You can also see more info and current promotions here

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Family Sessions 2020   I am so thankful for all of the families that chose to work with me over the years.  I have missed seeing as many families due to this ongoing crappy covid crap, and hopefully we all will have a somewhat normal life in the near future.  I don't even know what to put into words as I am at a loss.  I'm not great with words on a good day, so here are some beautiful families, enjoying some beautiful weather :)

IMG_0586IMG_0586 IMG_0867IMG_0867 IMG_0333IMG_0333 IMG_7565IMG_7565 IMG_7682IMG_7682 IMG_7425IMG_7425 IMG_6740IMG_6740 IMG_7026IMG_7026 IMG_1368IMG_1368 IMG_4269IMG_4269 IMG_5612IMG_5612 IMG_5192IMG_5192 IMG_3873IMG_3873 IMG_1321IMG_1321 IMG_1441IMG_1441 IMG_1104IMG_1104 IMG_4166IMG_4166 IMG_0432IMG_0432 IMG_0971IMG_0971 IMG_9784IMG_9784 IMG_4740IMG_4740 IMG_9539IMG_9539 IMG_4463IMG_4463 IMG_4430IMG_4430 IMG_3602IMG_3602 IMG_3925IMG_3925 IMG_4123IMG_4123 IMG_2938IMG_2938 IMG_2355IMG_2355 IMG_3004IMG_3004 IMG_8776IMG_8776 IMG_1279IMG_1279 IMG_4568IMG_4568 IMG_8187IMG_8187 colllagecolllage IMG_7921IMG_7921 IMG_8548IMG_8548 IMG_6113IMG_6113 IMG_7488IMG_7488 collagecollage IMG_3636IMG_3636 IMG_5477IMG_5477 IMG_5060IMG_5060

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2020 Newborn Sessions In Review   I was able to meet adorable babies in 2020.  Less than usual, but I think a lot of us did fewer things than before...  I'm happy I was able to get back to work in the summer after our first lockdown, and I was able to squeeze one newborn into the studio a few days before the current lockdown. 

2020 certainly was challenging and scary and confusing, but hopefully, things are looking up for everyone :)  Here is a cute post on some cute babies.  I hope I am able to start capturing more very, very soon! 

IMG_9631IMG_9631 IMG_9702IMG_9702 IMG_0072IMG_0072 IMG_2129-2IMG_2129-2 IMG_9092IMG_9092 IMG_1776IMG_1776 IMG_0396IMG_0396 IMG_1069IMG_1069 IMG_1392IMG_1392 IMG_9694IMG_9694 IMG_2261IMG_2261 IMG_3513IMG_3513 IMG_4111IMG_4111 IMG_3954IMG_3954 IMG_4687IMG_4687 IMG_7003IMG_7003 IMG_6621IMG_6621 IMG_3900IMG_3900 IMG_8963IMG_8963 IMG_7800IMG_7800 IMG_9212IMG_9212 IMG_0227IMG_0227 IMG_0702IMG_0702 IMG_9803IMG_9803 IMG_0797IMG_0797 IMG_1739IMG_1739 IMG_4613..IMG_4613.. IMG_4544IMG_4544 IMG_9225IMG_9225 IMG_2137IMG_2137 IMG_5879IMG_5879 IMG_9811IMG_9811 IMG_8928IMG_8928 IMG_6228-2IMG_6228-2

If you are pregnant and are due in February or later, please check out my promotions page here Promotions

Please contact me with any questions at [email protected]

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2019 catch up   Holy Hannah guys, the last blog I did was for June, July & August.  That just shows how on top of things I am...  Typical Danielle style, start stressing about other things that are building up, then decide to blog the last of my 2019 sessions.  Does anyone else tend to procrastinate until you are standing on the edge essentially, then add a tiny bit more to that plate just to see if you can handle a bit more?  I'm ridiculous that way.  I also like to take on a bunch of projects all at the same time!  Anyway, let's proceed with capping up 2019.  It was an amazing year!  I saw families grow and I met new families, there were hiccups and things to celebrate.  So here she goes, please enjoy some of the last sessions from 2019.  It's a big one ;)


   If you are looking for a photographer, please contact me here Contact and you can sign up for my newsletter here newsletter


IMG_7760IMG_7760 IMG_9458IMG_9458 IMG_9090IMG_9090 IMG_0732IMG_0732 IMG_7813IMG_7813 IMG_9497IMG_9497 IMG_7768IMG_7768 IMG_0902IMG_0902 IMG_4446IMG_4446 IMG_4457IMG_4457 IMG_4577IMG_4577 IMG_9587IMG_9587 IMG_4608IMG_4608 IMG_8542IMG_8542 IMG_8553IMG_8553 IMG_8757IMG_8757 IMG_8746IMG_8746 IMG_8657IMG_8657 IMG_8677IMG_8677 IMG_6848IMG_6848 IMG_1348IMG_1348 IMG_8147IMG_8147 IMG_8145IMG_8145 IMG_1224IMG_1224 IMG_2631IMG_2631 IMG_0368IMG_0368 IMG_3366IMG_3366 IMG_3853IMG_3853 IMG_8056IMG_8056 IMG_3110IMG_3110 IMG_5057IMG_5057 IMG_4312IMG_4312 IMG_4303IMG_4303 IMG_3033IMG_3033 IMG_4788IMG_4788 IMG_4812IMG_4812 IMG_7090IMG_7090 IMG_6956IMG_6956 IMG_7680IMG_7680 IMG_7076IMG_7076 IMG_7294IMG_7294 IMG_7729IMG_7729 IMG_8521IMG_8521 IMG_8962IMG_8962 IMG_8931IMG_8931 IMG_8487IMG_8487 IMG_8853IMG_8853 IMG_9826IMG_9826 IMG_8922.IMG_8922. IMG_0541IMG_0541 IMG_0722-2IMG_0722-2 IMG_1334IMG_1334 IMG_0783IMG_0783 IMG_0974IMG_0974


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Guelph Engagement   This is a short and sweet post.  It's been a while since I photographed a wedding, and these 2 are getting married 2 1/2 weeks!  I have to admit that I am a bit nervous, but these two make it super easy.  I had such a blast during their engagement session last month.  He was cracking jokes and we were laughing at all of them ;)  The setting sun and beautiful weather couldn't have made things any more perfect.  I thought I should blog this session, as I never did get a chance to share so many photos.  I loved everything about this session and I can't wait to see what their wedding brings <3

IMG_8544IMG_8544 IMG_8558IMG_8558 IMG_8650IMG_8650 IMG_8632IMG_8632 IMG_8549IMG_8549 IMG_8756IMG_8756 IMG_8690IMG_8690 IMG_8663IMG_8663 IMG_8676IMG_8676 IMG_8793IMG_8793 IMG_8809IMG_8809 IMG_8907IMG_8907 IMG_8838IMG_8838

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June, July August Sessions   Here I am trying to get back on track with monthly blogs.  I am currently battling with a killer headache that I have had for a few days now.  I'm thankful I don't have any sessions lined up this week, because it wouldn't be fun.  Clearly summer is no time to be blogging, we were too busy having fun, taking photos and living the wonderful summer life :)  There was, surprisingly, not a lot of rescheduling due to weather this summer.  That is usually the case, but it didn't seem to rain too much this year (which made life a lot easier).  I met with a lot of adorable babies, wonderful families and fun and crazy kids. 

  In this line of work, comparison rears its ugly head (a lot), and I have been trying, for years it seems like, to not get stuck in that shitty mindset.  Winter is usually when it is at its worst.  During the summer and fall, I am too busy to think about it, but things always slow down during the winter months and I always get depressed, compare myself to others and I hate every second of it.  Hopefully this winter I will keep myself busy with learning and doing all of the things that get pushed back when I am too busy.  I won't be entering any photo competitions this year as I am starting to realize that they mean nothing (to me at least).  I know I take nice photos, my clients know I take nice photos, so I don't always need to reassure myself by entering photos and having random people judge them.  Every photo can't be awesome, that would be impossible.  But to at least keeping my clients happy and to keep myself happy, I think is enough.  So on a lighter note, here are some cute photos of some babies <3

IMG_4388IMG_4388 IMG_6902IMG_6902 IMG_4427IMG_4427 IMG_4758IMG_4758 IMG_4956IMG_4956 IMG_5437IMG_5437 IMG_6284IMG_6284 IMG_6652IMG_6652 IMG_9628IMG_9628 IMG_0985IMG_0985 IMG_2141IMG_2141 IMG_1364IMG_1364 IMG_4738IMG_4738 IMG_5133IMG_5133 IMG_6759IMG_6759 IMG_8825IMG_8825 IMG_9205IMG_9205 IMG_7622IMG_7622 IMG_7960IMG_7960 IMG_7835IMG_7835 IMG_0409IMG_0409 IMG_7408IMG_7408 IMG_5932IMG_5932 IMG_7379IMG_7379 IMG_2076IMG_2076 IMG_0634IMG_0634 IMG_3173IMG_3173 IMG_4186IMG_4186 IMG_3689IMG_3689 IMG_4793IMG_4793 IMG_6258IMG_6258 IMG_4574-2IMG_4574-2 collage-2collage-2 IMG_2443IMG_2443 IMG_9475IMG_9475 IMG_1085IMG_1085 collage-3collage-3 IMG_4025IMG_4025 IMG_4015IMG_4015 IMG_2202IMG_2202 IMG_3597IMG_3597 IMG_1223IMG_1223 IMG_0768IMG_0768 IMG_9744IMG_9744 IMG_9764IMG_9764 IMG_0831IMG_0831 IMG_8188IMG_8188 IMG_9036IMG_9036 IMG_7752IMG_7752

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April/May Sessions   Am I ever behind!  Spring arrived with a bang with so many babies.  So many of them born early and I think 1 girl was born a day late.  It's nice that I enjoyed the rainy weather photographing adorable babies in my studio and in clients homes.  I LOVE going to clients homes.  When I went away to college I studied interior design at a couple of different schools.  It turned out school wasn't for me ;)  I do still love and have a huge interest in design and decorating, and that is why I love going to clients homes.  I get to see so many different tastes and spaces.  Mind you, not a lot of the homes are featured in the sessions as I am usually up in people' faces...

  Well, here I am catching up on the April and May sessions.  I am looking forward to meeting new families and familiar faces this summer :)  Please enjoy.  Also, I have a June promotion posted here June Promotion

IMG_3369IMG_3369 IMG_2932IMG_2932 IMG_9540IMG_9540 IMG_0560IMG_0560 IMG_7770IMG_7770 IMG_0983IMG_0983 IMG_8966IMG_8966 IMG_8754IMG_8754 IMG_8658IMG_8658 IMG_8531IMG_8531 IMG_0193IMG_0193 IMG_0493IMG_0493 IMG_0967IMG_0967 IMG_1389IMG_1389 IMG_9934IMG_9934 IMG_1877IMG_1877 IMG_1921-2IMG_1921-2 IMG_1812IMG_1812 IMG_0282IMG_0282 IMG_9531IMG_9531 IMG_0814IMG_0814 IMG_2331IMG_2331 Canon Canon EOS 6D-5472x3648-5251392Canon Canon EOS 6D-5472x3648-5251392 IMG_1444IMG_1444 IMG_9859IMG_9859 IMG_0363IMG_0363 IMG_1614IMG_1614 IMG_2592IMG_2592 IMG_0768IMG_0768 IMG_1675IMG_1675 IMG_3947IMG_3947 IMG_9654IMG_9654 IMG_9726IMG_9726 IMG_8297IMG_8297 IMG_3082IMG_3082 IMG_4069IMG_4069 IMG_1804IMG_1804

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March Sessions   Studio maternity sessions will be coming to an end soon as the warmer weather comes in...  I am actually doing a maternity session tonight in the studio vs outside because we received some ridiculous snow over the weekend. I still love doing maternity sessions in the studio, I just REALLY love doing them outside.  I feel like there is way more variety and backdrops.  This doesn't mean that the studio is out of the question if you are planning an upcoming session, it just means that spring is slowly creeping in and I am anxious to work outside in the sunshine and walk around and get attacked by bugs... 

  Anywho, I am sharing some of my favourites from March.  Please contact me if you are wanting to set up an upcoming session as available time slots become more limited in the summer and fall due to my kids being home and being away/booked up on the weekends.  Newborn/maternity sessions are booked in your 2nd trimester to ensure I do have availability.  Please check out my Promotions page to see current promotions.  The mini maternity promotion will be ending soon, so you may want to take advantage sooner than later :)

IMG_6652IMG_6652 IMG_6815IMG_6815 IMG_6417IMG_6417 IMG_6035-2IMG_6035-2 IMG_6993IMG_6993 collage-2collage-2 IMG_5843IMG_5843 IMG_5743IMG_5743 IMG_6010IMG_6010 IMG_6374IMG_6374 IMG_5402IMG_5402 collagecollage IMG_5712IMG_5712 IMG_5320IMG_5320 collagecollage IMG_5020IMG_5020 IMG_6540IMG_6540 IMG_5891IMG_5891 IMG_5594IMG_5594

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February Sessions   IMG_2028IMG_2028

Phew!  We made it through February and I was lucky enough to see a few babies last month.  February is normally a slower time for photographers, a time to focus on behind the scenes stuff and for learning etc.  I spent a lot of February dealing with the winter blues.  I have to be honest, it was a tough one this year.  I seem to be clambering my way out, but wowzers, I feel like I aged a decade over this winter.  

  Thank goodness for my job, where I get to snuggle babies and then send them on their merry way ;)  Don't get me wrong, I love babies, but thinking about what life was like when we had babies in the house makes me remember how hard it was.  Yes, I am dealing with sassy kids now, but a screaming newborn and the constant feeding...  But, I made it through and so will you or you already have!  I also did my first boudoir session and had a blast and I am so excited to do more!

  I will finish this little blog post with some adorable little babies and some beautiful women <3

IMG_2081IMG_2081 IMG_1315IMG_1315 IMG_2343IMG_2343 IMG_2752IMG_2752 IMG_3566IMG_3566 IMG_1902IMG_1902 IMG_0816IMG_0816 IMG_2438IMG_2438 IMG_3072-2IMG_3072-2 IMG_4191IMG_4191 IMG_2241IMG_2241 IMG_1538IMG_1538 IMG_1224IMG_1224 IMG_1581IMG_1581 IMG_4290IMG_4290 IMG_3087IMG_3087 IMG_3814IMG_3814 IMG_4658IMG_4658 IMG_1745IMG_1745


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Boudoir Sessions  After lot's of contemplation and nervousness, I finally bit the bullet and did it!  I am excited to announce that I am now offering boudoir sessions.  They can be done in either my home studio or in your home.  It was actually a lot easier than I had thought as a beautiful woman who is confident in front of a camera is very easy to photograph <3 

IMG_2062IMG_2062 IMG_2024IMG_2024 IMG_2241IMG_2241 IMG_2176IMG_2176 IMG_2070IMG_2070 IMG_2081IMG_2081 IMG_2102-2IMG_2102-2

  These sessions start at $150 plus HST and include 10 digital, high resolution files.  This is an introductory price as it is new to me, so take advantage of the low price while you can.  Email me at [email protected] or contact me here contact








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Winter Wedding

So my friends decided to have a winter wedding, and a winter wedding they got!  We had a crazy winter storm that day that didn't let up until the wee hours of the morning.  Their wedding was at Lakeview by Carmen's in Hamilton, which is right on Lake Ontario.  All day and night we kept staring out the windows in awe of the massive waves and the snow that was blowing on a 45-degree angle.  

Besides the crazy weather, it didn't seem to make much difference for these 2 love birds.  I have known them for years and they are truly sweet to one another.  You could feel the love in the room.  We all had a blast and I would totally do it again (if it was in the summer ) ;)  Please enjoy some images from their big day.

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January Sessions   It's the last day in January and it is bitter cold out.  So cold that I am not taking my kids to school so we can hibernate.  Every year I always try to convince myself to give winter another try.  Try to enjoy it, try to see it in a new light.  Well, I've come to the conclusion that that is not possible.  I am NOT a winter person and I never will be.  I enjoy the winter light (what little light there is), and that is about it.  I will just continue to begrudgingly bare with it and pack on the winter pounds.  I will hibernate until the snow and winter coldness leaves us.  I am sharing some images from sessions that were held this past month.  I hope you enjoy them and please be sure to check out my link to current promotions at the bottom of the page.  My maternity/newborn promotion will be ending today!  

IMG_0741IMG_0741 IMG_8025IMG_8025 IMG_9015IMG_9015 IMG_8095IMG_8095 IMG_8191IMG_8191 IMG_8469IMG_8469 IMG_8162-2IMG_8162-2 IMG_8427IMG_8427 IMG_0716IMG_0716 IMG_1224IMG_1224 IMG_0962IMG_0962 IMG_0098IMG_0098 IMG_9569IMG_9569 IMG_9812-2IMG_9812-2 IMG_9640IMG_9640 IMG_9923IMG_9923 IMG_9679IMG_9679

My current promotions can be found here Promotions 

Maternity sessions are normally booked in your second trimester and newborn sessions are normally booked around the same time.  Last minute bookings are available but limited.  Booking in advance is recommended.

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Maternity Sessions   There are a couple of things that I actually like about winter, and one of them is studio maternity sessions.  I always dread having to do sessions indoors after the summer disappears, but once I get there I absolutely love them.  It's a great time to take advantage of my maternity gowns that I offer ( I think I have 10 or more), just to spruce up the session and to change up the outfits.  I have a giant window in my studio that I love to take advantage of, especially for silhouettes, which I am a huge fan of.  I can also take advantage of the giant window for natural light.  I use both studio lights and natural light in my studio, it all depends on my mood or how the light is.  Please enjoy some of my favourite studio maternity images and check out the link at the bottom of this post to see my current promotion for a free maternity session!

_MG_9936 (Medium)_MG_9936 (Medium) _MG_4521_MG_4521 IMG_6521IMG_6521 _MG_7907_MG_7907 IMG_4503IMG_4503 IMG_1785IMG_1785 IMG_0075IMG_0075 _MG_2819-2_MG_2819-2 _MG_7319_MG_7319 _MG_9955_MG_9955 IMG_4446IMG_4446 IMG_4841IMG_4841 _MG_7640 (Medium)_MG_7640 (Medium) _MG_4297_MG_4297 IMG_4433IMG_4433 collagecollage IMG_0740IMG_0740 IMG_0019-2IMG_0019-2

Please check out my current promotion here Promotions

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December to Finish Off 2018   At the beginning of every year, I start my search through all of my photos that were taken in the past year.  Looking at the first few months of the year, I always feel a sense of surprise and nostalgia when seeing faces in the images.  Seeing images that I thought were taken much longer ago, while some feel like they were taken only a few short weeks ago.  I always link my own life with the sessions I am a part of.  When I am looking at family images from this past summer, I think of what my kids and my family were doing during this time frame.  Sometimes there may even be a photo of one of my offspring in the session as they are starting to come with me to more sessions ;)  I'll stop rambling and share some photos from December.  Please enjoy and I hope to see lot's of new and familiar faces this year.

IMG_6787IMG_6787 IMG_2885IMG_2885 IMG_2700-2 (Copy)IMG_2700-2 (Copy) collage-2collage-2 IMG_4559IMG_4559 IMG_5238IMG_5238 IMG_7718IMG_7718 IMG_6182IMG_6182 IMG_5989IMG_5989 IMG_6246IMG_6246 IMG_5929IMG_5929 IMG_2615IMG_2615

  Please be sure to be in the know with my current Promotions.  I have a newborn promotion running now, so be sure to contact me to set up your session.  Newborn sessions are generally booked while women are in their 2nd trimester to ensure I have available space.  Last minute spaces are available, however, they are limited.


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A Look Back   Holy crap, I am turning 40... I don't really know how to feel about that.  I can say that I am totally in love with my family, I adore my job, I love my friends and I am happy with what I have  and my accomplishments.  Photography wasn't something that I had a passion for all my life.  I had a point a shoot and annoyed my friends with the crazy flash when I was younger, I also remember my very first camera was a pink Le Clic.  I freaking loved that thing.  I love watching my kids show an interest in taking pictures and seeing pictures of themselves.  My dad and my brother both have a soft spot for photography as well.  I am currently borrowing my dads film camera and the first roll that I took has been sitting on a shelf waiting to be developed for a few months now.  I am really nervous about the outcome.  I don't really know why, as I would probably learn from my mistakes or be pleasantly surprised?


Well, here's to another great year and I hope I reach some of my goals and continue looking like I'm 25 ;)  At least I feel that way (sometimes).

Here are a few of my recent personal favourites.  Obviously most of them will be of my offspring <3

_MG_0580_MG_0580 _MG_3604_MG_3604 _MG_3820_MG_3820 _MG_4824_MG_4824 _MG_4897_MG_4897 _MG_4670_2_MG_4670_2 _MG_4902_MG_4902 _MG_4904_MG_4904 _MG_4974_MG_4974 _MG_4990_MG_4990 _MG_5007_MG_5007 _MG_5030_MG_5030 _MG_5176_MG_5176 _MG_5274-2_MG_5274-2 _MG_5371_1_MG_5371_1 _MG_5400_MG_5400 _MG_5630_MG_5630 _MG_6317_MG_6317 _MG_8043_MG_8043 _MG_8065_MG_8065 _MG_9961_MG_9961 IMG_0039IMG_0039 IMG_1149IMG_1149 IMG_1955IMG_1955 IMG_2092IMG_2092 IMG_2168IMG_2168 IMG_2571_1IMG_2571_1 IMG_2574IMG_2574 IMG_2857IMG_2857 IMG_5699IMG_5699 IMG_7753-2IMG_7753-2 _MG_1787_MG_1787 _MG_4625_MG_4625 IMG_0308IMG_0308 _MG_7315_MG_7315

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