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  Well I guess it is that time of year again.  How did we reach the end of 2015 already, would time slow the hell down already!  Seriously.   I love sharing my favourites from sessions that I have done over the past year.  While I was going through these I was amazed at how many beautiful women I have worked with this year!  Women look so beautiful when they are pregnant.  I know a lot of them don't feel that way, I sure didn't.  I felt like a waddling pear when I was pregnant.

  I love doing in-studio sessions here in Guelph at my home based studio, and I love doing outdoor photos.  I have done a few sessions at clients homes that I really enjoyed as well.  In-studio maternity sessions are 30 minutes and outdoor sessions are between 30 minutes and 1 hour.  I'm looking forward to doing some maternity sessions this winter, in the snow.

  Please enjoy some of my favourites from 2015 <3

IMG_1287 (Medium)IMG_1287 (Medium) IMG_7479 (Medium)IMG_7479 (Medium) IMG_2136 (Medium)IMG_2136 (Medium) _MG_0769 (Medium)_MG_0769 (Medium) IMG_0327 (Medium)IMG_0327 (Medium) IMG_5384 (Medium)IMG_5384 (Medium) IMG_2530 (Medium)IMG_2530 (Medium) _MG_a3039 (Medium)_MG_a3039 (Medium) _MG_8999 (Medium)_MG_8999 (Medium) IMG_2072 (Medium)IMG_2072 (Medium) _MG_3121 (Medium)_MG_3121 (Medium) _MG_4273 (Medium)_MG_4273 (Medium) IMG_3297 (Medium)IMG_3297 (Medium) IMG_3135 (Medium)IMG_3135 (Medium) IMG_6595 (Medium)IMG_6595 (Medium) IMG_9627 (Medium)IMG_9627 (Medium) IMG_9338IMG_9338 IMG_6281 (Medium)IMG_6281 (Medium) IMG_1251 (Medium)IMG_1251 (Medium) IMG_1491 (Medium)IMG_1491 (Medium) IMG_3610 (Medium)IMG_3610 (Medium) IMG_6137 (Medium)IMG_6137 (Medium) _MG_1106_MG_1106 _MG_4427 (Medium)_MG_4427 (Medium)

_MG_4522 (Medium)_MG_4522 (Medium)



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