Family Walk

March 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

  We got out for a walk this morning to let the dog run free and let the kids run off some steam.  Yesterday was a tease compared to today' chilly temps.  And of course, they are calling for rain for most of next week while it is March break.  That should be fun...  I'm sharing some photos from today, I hope you like them :)
IMG_0779 (Medium)IMG_0779 (Medium) IMG_0781 (Medium)IMG_0781 (Medium) IMG_0778 (Medium)IMG_0778 (Medium) IMG_0791 (Medium)IMG_0791 (Medium) IMG_0812 (Medium)IMG_0812 (Medium) IMG_0817 (Medium)IMG_0817 (Medium) IMG_0830 (Medium)IMG_0830 (Medium) IMG_0842 (Medium)IMG_0842 (Medium) IMG_0850 (Medium)IMG_0850 (Medium) IMG_0854 (Medium)IMG_0854 (Medium) IMG_0859 (Medium)IMG_0859 (Medium) IMG_0865 (Medium)IMG_0865 (Medium) IMG_0883 (Medium)IMG_0883 (Medium) IMG_0889 (Medium)IMG_0889 (Medium) IMG_0902 (Medium)IMG_0902 (Medium)


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