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Mother's Day

May 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

  What can I say about my Mother's Day?  We went out for breakfast and walked around at the Dutch Mill Country Market in Hamilton.  It's a fantastic place with great food and baked goods, there is also a little petting zoo for kids and a garden centre and a store.  You should check it out if you haven't already http://www.thedutchmill.ca.  I took some photos of the kids visiting the animals and running around and while I was taking one of my daughter being super brave with the Billy Goat, it turned around to ram her!  Whoops, I guess I should have been closer, but thank goodness my niece was there to help out ;) 

  When we got home, my youngest went to bed and me and my boy played with Lego in the front yard.  My daughter heard this happening and then decided that she would not be having a nap...  So we went out to the "island" on our street and played soccer, well we tried to.  My daughter was being super emosh and wouldn't kick the ball so we kept reassuring her that she could do it!  It was getting a bit chilly so we went inside to play some Donkey Kong and we ended the day with ordering in some fantastic Indian (excluding the kids, they don't like yummy food), from The Bollywood Bistro.  If you enjoy Indian cuisine (which you should), you have to check them out http://www.thebollywoodbistro.com/home.

  We enjoyed the usual whining' and arguments that we would on a regular day, even some tears were had, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I adore my annual calendar that I get from the kids, it's filled with pictures of there adorable faces.  And I love going out for breakfast and not having any dishes to do.  I love playing with my kids and I LOVE Indian food.

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