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  Another month has gone by and I was more than happy to photograph some beautiful pregnancies and some adorable babies.  It doesn't seem real sometimes when I think about what I used to do for work...  Dragging myself out of bed to work my butt off for people that didn't appreciate it.  I did have some jobs that I really liked, like a retail job in Toronto.  The girls I worked with were amazing and we had a lot of fun and drama, as to be expected when you have a room full of females.  I had other jobs that I hated or the people there were just not great people.  Now I get to work with amazing people and for myself!  No one is going to get mad at me for asking for a raise, and no one is going to let me go with 2 weeks left from my maternity leave.  Nope, I work with adorable babies and wonderful families.  

Now that I am done with that rant, I am going to share some of my favourite images from March.

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