May Sessions-Guelph Photographer

June 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

  Another month has passed, I can hardly believe we are just a couple weeks away from summer!  Woot woot!  I met with some absolutely adorable babies and beautiful expecting mothers last month.  I am so thrilled to be able to get outdoors for sessions again, although it has been super duper rainy :(  I know, rain is great for all things that grow, but rescheduling isn't so much fun.  Please enjoy some of my favourites from last month :)

_MG_0587 (Medium)_MG_0587 (Medium) _MG_0791 (Medium)_MG_0791 (Medium) _MG_0491 (Medium)_MG_0491 (Medium) _MG_9709_MG_9709 _MG_1303 (Medium)_MG_1303 (Medium) _MG_0960 (Medium)_MG_0960 (Medium) _MG_1268 (Medium)_MG_1268 (Medium) _MG_0461 (Medium)_MG_0461 (Medium) _MG_0565 (Medium)_MG_0565 (Medium) _MG_1708 (Medium)_MG_1708 (Medium) _MG_9853_MG_9853 _MG_0806 (Medium)_MG_0806 (Medium) _MG_0997 (Medium)_MG_0997 (Medium) _MG_2170-2_MG_2170-2 _MG_1352 (Medium)_MG_1352 (Medium) _MG_1651 (Medium)_MG_1651 (Medium) _MG_1076 (Medium)_MG_1076 (Medium) _MG_1096_MG_1096 _MG_2252-2_MG_2252-2 _MG_1884-2_MG_1884-2 _MG_1766 (Medium)_MG_1766 (Medium) IMG_4650-2IMG_4650-2 IMG_4543-2IMG_4543-2 _MG_1836 (Medium)_MG_1836 (Medium)


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