Glamping 2017

July 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

  Another year has come and another glamping trip has been had.  We went to Port Elgin where we have a trailer and we try to spend all of our spare weekends at the campground.  There were bike rides, bubbles, trips to the pool, campfires and all the usual fun stuff that comes with camping.  I think the kids slept in once, the morning after their friends arrived.  Too much partying the night before I suppose ;)  We were there for a total of 11 days!  Some days seemed to drag when the kids were being super high maintenance, but overall we had a blast.  I am sharing some of my favourites from our glamping vacation :)

IMG_8340 (Medium)IMG_8340 (Medium) IMG_8327 (Medium)IMG_8327 (Medium) IMG_8305 (Medium)IMG_8305 (Medium) IMG_8317 (Medium)IMG_8317 (Medium) IMG_8287 (Medium)IMG_8287 (Medium) IMG_8329 (Medium)IMG_8329 (Medium) IMG_8260 (Medium)IMG_8260 (Medium) IMG_8278 (Medium)IMG_8278 (Medium) IMG_8241 (Medium)IMG_8241 (Medium) IMG_8233 (Medium)IMG_8233 (Medium) IMG_8230 (Medium)IMG_8230 (Medium) IMG_8221 (Medium)IMG_8221 (Medium) IMG_8192 (Medium)IMG_8192 (Medium) IMG_8335 (Medium)IMG_8335 (Medium) IMG_8202 (Medium)IMG_8202 (Medium) IMG_8189 (Medium)IMG_8189 (Medium) IMG_8156 (Medium)IMG_8156 (Medium) IMG_8170 (Medium)IMG_8170 (Medium) IMG_8138 (Medium)IMG_8138 (Medium) IMG_8147 (Medium)IMG_8147 (Medium) IMG_8100 (Medium)IMG_8100 (Medium) IMG_8060 (Medium)IMG_8060 (Medium) IMG_8033 (Medium)IMG_8033 (Medium) IMG_8097 (Medium)IMG_8097 (Medium) IMG_7989 (Medium)IMG_7989 (Medium) IMG_7953 (Medium)IMG_7953 (Medium) IMG_7994 (Medium)IMG_7994 (Medium) IMG_8026 (Medium)IMG_8026 (Medium) IMG_7935 (Medium)IMG_7935 (Medium) IMG_7998 (Medium)IMG_7998 (Medium) IMG_8010 (Medium)IMG_8010 (Medium) IMG_8047 (Medium)IMG_8047 (Medium) IMG_8056 (Medium)IMG_8056 (Medium) IMG_7908 (Medium)IMG_7908 (Medium) IMG_7897 (Medium)IMG_7897 (Medium) IMG_7904 (Medium)IMG_7904 (Medium) IMG_7880 (Medium)IMG_7880 (Medium) IMG_7887 (Medium)IMG_7887 (Medium) IMG_7863 (Medium)IMG_7863 (Medium) IMG_7872 (Medium)IMG_7872 (Medium) IMG_7850 (Medium)IMG_7850 (Medium) IMG_7844 (Medium)IMG_7844 (Medium) IMG_7840 (Medium)IMG_7840 (Medium) IMG_7811 (Medium)IMG_7811 (Medium) IMG_7828 (Medium)IMG_7828 (Medium) IMG_7805 (Medium)IMG_7805 (Medium) IMG_7804 (Medium)IMG_7804 (Medium) IMG_7808 (Medium)IMG_7808 (Medium) IMG_7798 (Medium)IMG_7798 (Medium) IMG_7788 (Medium)IMG_7788 (Medium) IMG_7797 (Medium)IMG_7797 (Medium) IMG_7784 (Medium)IMG_7784 (Medium) IMG_7773 (Medium)IMG_7773 (Medium) IMG_7771 (Medium)IMG_7771 (Medium) IMG_7764 (Medium)IMG_7764 (Medium) IMG_7755 (Medium)IMG_7755 (Medium) IMG_7752 (Medium)IMG_7752 (Medium) IMG_7751 (Medium)IMG_7751 (Medium) IMG_7746 (Medium)IMG_7746 (Medium) IMG_7731 (Medium)IMG_7731 (Medium) IMG_7725 (Medium)IMG_7725 (Medium) IMG_7708 (Medium)IMG_7708 (Medium) IMG_7701 (Medium)IMG_7701 (Medium) IMG_7691 (Medium)IMG_7691 (Medium) IMG_7672 (Medium)IMG_7672 (Medium) IMG_7667 (Medium)IMG_7667 (Medium) IMG_8357 (Medium)IMG_8357 (Medium) IMG_8370 (Medium)IMG_8370 (Medium)


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