October Photo Sessions

November 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

  October was awesome, it was warm, it was cold, it was sunny and it rained...  I met with beautiful, brand new babies, pregnant mommy' and a lot of families!  Outdoor sessions are winding down for the year as there really isn't a lot of interest in subjecting ourselves to the crazy cold that we call Winter.  I am sharing some of my favourites from last month and I hope you enjoy them too :)

IMG_7309IMG_7309 IMG_7013IMG_7013 IMG_7706IMG_7706 IMG_8151IMG_8151 IMG_0380IMG_0380 IMG_7998IMG_7998 IMG_7161IMG_7161 IMG_7869IMG_7869 IMG_6923IMG_6923 IMG_8165IMG_8165 IMG_0228IMG_0228 IMG_8834IMG_8834 IMG_8999IMG_8999 IMG_9725IMG_9725 IMG_7343IMG_7343 IMG_7672IMG_7672 IMG_8588IMG_8588 IMG_8525IMG_8525 IMG_7388IMG_7388 IMG_0386IMG_0386 IMG_0479IMG_0479 IMG_0740IMG_0740 IMG_0783IMG_0783 IMG_7316IMG_7316 IMG_0075IMG_0075 IMG_6950IMG_6950


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