July & August Sessions

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  Wowzers, July and August flew by and I am just getting caught up on sessions and blogging.  I am actually not a big fan of blogging or writing explanative posts.  I like to just post a photo and hope for the best.  Some of my favourite photographers on social media have really long, beautiful posts.  I am always a wee bit jealous of their ability to write something that flows so beautifully and that actually draws the viewer in.  Maybe that can be a resolution for next year?  I am thinking I want to change my "photo a day" project into something more meaningful.  Something that actually involves planning and storytelling.  We will see...  Anywho, here are some of my favouites from July and August.  I met a LOT of little newborns and quite a few families <3  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  

If you are thinking of booking a family, maternity or newborn session with me, don't leave it for too long as sessions are getting limited and I am booking for newborn sessions into next year!  IMG_5973IMG_5973 IMG_1576IMG_1576 IMG_2630IMG_2630 IMG_2964IMG_2964 IMG_3287-2IMG_3287-2 IMG_3734IMG_3734 IMG_4770IMG_4770 IMG_5260IMG_5260 IMG_5618IMG_5618 IMG_6081IMG_6081 IMG_8459IMG_8459 IMG_9102IMG_9102 IMG_8440IMG_8440 IMG_8217IMG_8217 IMG_6829IMG_6829 IMG_8283IMG_8283 IMG_8337IMG_8337 IMG_6980IMG_6980 IMG_7066IMG_7066 IMG_7389IMG_7389 IMG_7511IMG_7511 IMG_7515IMG_7515 IMG_8768IMG_8768 IMG_8891IMG_8891 IMG_9326IMG_9326 IMG_0006IMG_0006 IMG_9954IMG_9954 IMG_0859IMG_0859 IMG_0920IMG_0920 IMG_2577IMG_2577 IMG_1244-2IMG_1244-2 IMG_1478IMG_1478 IMG_1766IMG_1766 IMG_0138IMG_0138 IMG_9592IMG_9592 IMG_0317-2IMG_0317-2 IMG_0363IMG_0363 IMG_1168IMG_1168 IMG_1926IMG_1926 IMG_2094IMG_2094 IMG_2741IMG_2741 IMG_1274IMG_1274 IMG_1244IMG_1244 IMG_5277IMG_5277 IMG_3254IMG_3254 IMG_5065IMG_5065 collagecollage


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