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For months May through to October, outdoor sessions are mainly done on weekday evenings.  I have very little weekends available during these months.  If you are in the Port Elgin area, I am available on weekends.  Outdoor sessions during my busy season (May-October), are booked well in advance to ensure I have availability.  Please contact me to set up your session as least a few of months in advance.



I take the safety of your newborn and your children quite seriously.  I know that if I were looking for a photographer for my baby, I would want someone that knows about the safety involved in doing newborn photos.  I am a qualified newborn photographer through APNPI https://apnpi.com/.  I also completed my safety course with APNPI as well.  You can find more info through APNPI here APNPI


I never put a baby in harms way and I always make sure someone is with the baby during any poses.  In saying that, I do ask for parents help for some poses so I have an extra set of hands.  Some photos are only achieved in photoshop for safety concerns of newborns holding certain positions.


One of my maternity images recently placed 78th out of 18,185 entries in the #shootandshare annual photo contest.  You can see a quick and cool little video showing images I entered Shoot & Share photo contest
QNP-Badge-300QNP-Badge-300 Safety-Badge-300Safety-Badge-300

A few tidbits about me and working with me...

I very rarely drink milk out of a glass, I usually drink it straight from the bag.  Gross, yes, but whatever.

I have a stuffed up nose pretty much 90% of the time :(  I get asked about that a lot "is your nose always stuffed up"?  Yup, it is.

I have a pretty serious weakness for chocolate and anything sugary.  There are some sweets I won't eat like gummy bears are kind of gross, or anything with that chewy, gelatinous consistency.  But give me a peanut butter cup and I am as happy as a pig in.....

I have 2 awesome and crazy kids, a hubby of 13 years and we have a 3-year-old dog that hates the camera, and another dog that will be a year in June.  If you come to my studio, you will probably see them in the backyard.

I can't stand country music.

I have a home-based studio, so I like to keep a pretty relaxed atmosphere.  You will probably meet someone in my family if you come for a session.  I do always include family images (if you request them), with newborn packages, however, I do not do family sessions in the studio as it is not large enough.  I use both natural and artificial light in the studio. 

I am a full-time photographer/mommy to 2 kids so I do prefer emails over phone calls.  If you are a parent of a small child you may understand, my kids do not allow me to carry a conversation on the phone without constant interruptions. 

Thank you for visiting my website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.