Welcome to my site and showing interest in my photography services!  I have been photographing families and all the things (babies, people and nature etc.),  on a professional level since 2012.  Lifestyle/in-home  sessions are a lovely option to give a more natural feel to your photos, alternatively, my home-based studio is an awesome option as I have everything I need here.  I offer newborn, maternity, baby (sitter sessions), boudoir sessions, as well as some weddings.  Family sessions can be done either outdoors or in your home.



Award winning newborn and baby photographer with the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP)


  A few tidbits about me and working with me...


-  I LOVE babies, and I love the connection I get with the families I work with.  I love hearing about your parental wins and struggles.  I love connecting with all kinds of people. 


- I have a pretty serious weakness for chocolate.  There are some sweets I won't eat, like gummy bears are kind of gross, or anything with that chewy, gelatinous consistency.  But give me a peanut butter cup and I am as happy as a pig in..... 


- Coffee, coffee is pretty important in my life as well.  


-I have 2 awesome and crazy kids, a hubby of 17 years and we have 2 relatively big dogs.


-I have a home based studio, so I like to keep a pretty relaxed atmosphere.  I do not do family sessions in the studio as it is not large enough.  I use both natural and artificial light in the studio, depending on the natural light available. 


-I am a full time photographer/mommy to 2 kids so I do prefer emails over phone calls.  If you are a parent of a small child you may understand, my kids do not allow me to carry a conversation on the phone without constant interruptions. 


Thank you for visiting my website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.