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June 20, 2023

  I realized I hadn't done a blog in a while.  It isn't my favourite thing to do, as I am a gal focusing on images, not descriptions.  If you have seen any of my social media posts you can see I don't really tend to say a lot.  So, writing a blog post is strange to me, but I try!  

  I will make this short and sweet, as I am here to share some recent images of newborns that I had the pleasure of photographing.  Please be sure to check out my Pricing here, as well as any current events or Promotions.

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Newborn Photography Information

April 12, 2023



I thought I would write about the whole newborn photography experience.  Many parents tell me they have no idea what to expect as this is either their first time booking a photographer, or it is their first baby.  So, let's start with when to book.  Some parents book months in advance, and others book last minute.  Either is fine with me, except for during the summer through to late fall as things are hectic with sessions during those months.  Maternity sessions (if this is something you are interested in), are done anywhere between 32 and 37ish weeks.  Newborn sessions are booked for anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks ideally, but sometimes life happens and we meet when the baby is 1 month.  That is fine too, but babies become more alert and awake after the first month.  

MV9A3857MV9A3857 MV9A2459MV9A2459

  When you first arrive at my home-based studio, we will get the baby changed into a cute little outfit, which in turn will probably wake them up and they will decide to eat (again).  Generally, the first little portion of the session is spent soothing the baby, and probably feeding them.  I do like to start with wrapping them as that helps to put them to sleep.  I like to place the baby in one of my selected props (boxes, baskets, beds), for posing.  I also use a beanbag for those adorable squishy, sleepy baby photos.

MV9A2843MV9A2843 MV9A1632MV9A1632

  I like to keep the studio warm as babies do prefer a warmer environment to feel comfortable.  Immediate family are always welcome in the photos, except for the mini newborn sessions as they only focus on the baby.  If you have a toddler coming, we normally start with the family portraits in the beginning so they don't get bored and impatient.  There are a few parks, a library, and a Tim Horton's down the road from my studio.  Another parent or guardian is more than welcome to take their other child(ren).

IMG_1168IMG_1168 IMG_3460IMG_3460

  Babies tend to be hungrier when they come to the studio, so I ask parents to be prepared for a little more than usual.  There is seating, so breastfeeding or bottle feeding is comfortable for you.  I have a changing table available for your use as well.  

   IMG_2964IMG_2964 IMG_0814IMG_0814

  Be sure to check out any current promotions here Promotions, and my packages and pricing page here Pricing

I also offer in-home newborn sessions if that is something you are interested in.  Please see the above links for any information.

Blogging. I don't know what I am doing.

March 15, 2023

  I realized I haven't blogged in a very long time.  I don't even know if this should be called a blog.  I am currently enjoying a moment of "quiet", while my kids are enjoying their March break gaming, and being as lazy as it is humanly possible.  Well, that is my son.  My daughter on the other hand, doesn't really like sitting still for long.  We aren't ones to really do anything "fun" for March break.  We used to go to Niagara to a hotel with the kids for a couple of days, but Covid happened and pooched that idea.  My son and I are homebodies, and have no complaints about not going anywhere, so a visit to the $ store made my daughters vacation! 

  I am going to share some of my past to present sessions and keep you up-to-date that I offer a variety of photography services.  Boudoir, maternity, baby(6 month to 1 year), newborn, and family photography.  Once in awhile I will also do a wedding here and there :)  Reach out if you are looking to get your photos done.

MV9A5890.MV9A5890. MV9A5096-2MV9A5096-2 MV9A9839MV9A9839 MV9A0426MV9A0426 MV9A4497MV9A4497 MV9A4143MV9A4143 MV9A5485MV9A5485 MV9A5711MV9A5711 MV9A0369MV9A0369 MV9A2083MV9A2083 MV9A4476MV9A4476 MV9A5937MV9A5937 MV9A7532MV9A7532 MV9A0992MV9A0992 MV9A0840MV9A0840 MV9A1547MV9A1547 MV9A9870MV9A9870 MV9A6893MV9A6893 MV9A1352MV9A1352 MV9A5799MV9A5799 MV9A0155MV9A0155 MV9A0127-2MV9A0127-2 MV9A6494MV9A6494 MV9A6793MV9A6793 MV9A4148MV9A4148 MV9A7019MV9A7019

Guelph Photography

March 31, 2022

  Wowza, it's been a loooooooooong time since I did a blog post.  To be honest, I am terrible with words and I never know what to say.  Like "here are some pretty pictures, I hope you like them".  That doesn't really come off as professional or well thought out.  I even have a bit of a hard time using my words to direct people for their photos, so I usually end up just physically moving them myself.

  It's been quiet around here, and things are starting to pick back up again.  I gave the studio a refresh, and it looks more modern, rich and new <3  I am looking forward to having more sessions in the studio to showcase the new paint colour and a few new props and wraps etc. :)

  I am sharing a few of my favourites from recent sessions to keep you up to date and let you know I am still here!  Outdoor sessions are on the horizon and I couldn't be happier about that.  If you are looking for a photographer in the Guelph and surrounding area, I am your woman!  Contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to set something up.

MV9A8444MV9A8444 MV9A7729MV9A7729 MV9A6126MV9A6126 MV9A7373MV9A7373 MV9A8132-2MV9A8132-2 MV9A7092MV9A7092 MV9A5864MV9A5864 MV9A9144MV9A9144 MV9A8041MV9A8041 MV9A7145MV9A7145 MV9A7112-2MV9A7112-2 MV9A7349MV9A7349 MV9A6439MV9A6439 MV9A5838MV9A5838 MV9A8628MV9A8628 MV9A8529-2MV9A8529-2 MV9A7656MV9A7656 MV9A9236_1MV9A9236_1 MV9A8195MV9A8195 MV9A8224MV9A8224


2021 Catch Up

November 23, 2021

  Holy crap, it has been so long since I wrote a blog.  Well, I don't really "write" much.  I'd rather just share a bunch of photos, because I normally spend more time writing and thinking, then rewriting and thinking, then deleting it all.  So here we are, me filling space with pointless chatter.  

  I thought maybe catching up with sharing photos would be a good idea.  Some of you may be thinking I am just taking photos of my personal life, which I try to do daily, but I do actually see people, that hire me ;)  I am going to fill this blog with a bunch of beautiful families that I had the pleasure of working with over the past few months :)  I hope you enjoy them as much I did :)


IMG_8373IMG_8373 IMG_8121IMG_8121 IMG_7585IMG_7585 IMG_8319IMG_8319 IMG_8637IMG_8637 IMG_8796IMG_8796 IMG_9063IMG_9063 IMG_0413IMG_0413 IMG_0039IMG_0039 IMG_7973IMG_7973 IMG_8174IMG_8174 IMG_8279IMG_8279 IMG_8769IMG_8769 IMG_9733IMG_9733 IMG_0689IMG_0689 IMG_9976IMG_9976 IMG_0896IMG_0896

If you are interested in booking a session please feel free to reach out to [email protected].  You can also see more info and current promotions here

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