Maternity/2016 Favourites/Guelph Maternity Photography

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  Wow, going through this years past maternity sessions, I can't get over the simple beauty of a pregnant woman.  I can't decide whether I like outdoor sessions or in the studio.  I love them both and they both are beautiful.  Please enjoy some of my favourites from my maternity sessions from 2016 :)


_MG_1422_MG_1422 _MG_0107_MG_0107 _MG_0897_MG_0897 _MG_1278_MG_1278 _MG_0557_MG_0557 _MG_1879_MG_1879 _MG_1936_MG_1936 _MG_2272_MG_2272 _MG_2447_MG_2447 _MG_2651_MG_2651 _MG_2871_MG_2871 _MG_3264_MG_3264 _MG_3285_MG_3285 _MG_3303_MG_3303 _MG_4044_MG_4044 _MG_4547_MG_4547 _MG_5104_MG_5104 _MG_5345_MG_5345 _MG_5973_MG_5973 _MG_6005_MG_6005 _MG_6114_MG_6114 _MG_6270_MG_6270 _MG_6564_MG_6564 _MG_7319_MG_7319 _MG_7428_MG_7428 _MG_8069_MG_8069 _MG_8132_MG_8132 _MG_8143_MG_8143 _MG_8169_MG_8169 _MG_8404_MG_8404 _MG_8501-2_MG_8501-2 _MG_9566_MG_9566 IMG_0575IMG_0575



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