Personal Favourites/2016 Guelph Photographer

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IMG_3220IMG_3220   Photography isn't the easiest field to work in.  You are putting your creativity out there for all to see, some may love it, some may hate it and some just don't care.  And that is totally fine, I am now learning that I can't please everyone and the only ones I need to please are myself and my clients.  My clients have come to me to photograph them and their loved ones.  There are so many factors to think about when running a photography business and their are a LOT of opinions about how you should do so.  One thing I need to learn to do is to tune some of those opinions out.  Some say you aren't a "professional" until you are charging $1000 for a session and when you charge under $300, you are not a professional.  Some say don't include digitals while others say yes, so regardless there are always opinions.

  I remember when I first started out and had my website up and running, an unknown person was making public comments on all my photos, saying they were overexposed and was offering all sorts of unsolicited advice.  I will never forget that, as that was when I realized there are so many individuals out there that think they know everything and that their opinions are the only truth.  I even shy away from offering my advice in photography groups, when opinions are asked for, as I don't want to come off as "that person".  One thing I do know is that I do love my photos and I love that I have captured so much of the beauty around me and of my own family.  I am sharing some of my favourites with you today of my personal work.  Please enjoy.

_MG_1353_MG_1353 _MG_1670_MG_1670 _MG_1274_MG_1274 _MG_1311_MG_1311 _MG_0356_MG_0356 _MG_5176-2_MG_5176-2

_MG_2198_MG_2198 _MG_2200_MG_2200 _MG_2231_MG_2231 _MG_2550_MG_2550 _MG_3093_MG_3093 _MG_4116_MG_4116 _MG_4172_MG_4172 _MG_4454_MG_4454

_MG_2702_MG_2702 _MG_4792_MG_4792 _MG_5462_1-2_MG_5462_1-2 _MG_5693_MG_5693 _MG_5755_MG_5755 _MG_5893_MG_5893 _MG_6447_MG_6447 _MG_7312_MG_7312 _MG_7344_MG_7344 _MG_7394_MG_7394 _MG_7420_MG_7420 _MG_7666_MG_7666 _MG_8024_1_MG_8024_1 _MG_8038_MG_8038 _MG_8243_MG_8243 _MG_8366_MG_8366 _MG_8524_MG_8524 _MG_8604_MG_8604 _MG_8799_1_MG_8799_1 _MG_8967_1_MG_8967_1 _MG_9070-2_MG_9070-2 _MG_9512_MG_9512 IMG_0533IMG_0533 IMG_1622-3IMG_1622-3 IMG_1888IMG_1888 IMG_2636IMG_2636 IMG_2638IMG_2638


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