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Maybe I will do a monthly blog post sharing my favourites from sessions done during the month.  Let's get real, I am probably not going to post a blog for every session, that would mean I have to be more organised ;)  I am starting with January (I know, that was 2 months ago), but I do want to share some of these beautiful images of the lovely people I met and spent a little bit of time with. Most of them were done in my home studio in Guelph, and 2 were in home sessions in Guelph and Acton, ON.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)


If you are thinking about booking a newborn or maternity session, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or you can shoot me a message on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dkilgorephotography


_MG_1458 (Medium)_MG_1458 (Medium) _MG_2069 (Medium)_MG_2069 (Medium) _MG_2081 (Medium)_MG_2081 (Medium) _MG_1439 (Medium)_MG_1439 (Medium) _MG_1413 (Medium)_MG_1413 (Medium) _MG_2120_MG_2120 _MG_0625 (Medium)_MG_0625 (Medium) _MG_0712 (Medium)_MG_0712 (Medium) _MG_0726 (Medium)_MG_0726 (Medium) _MG_0738 (Medium)_MG_0738 (Medium) _MG_0765 (Medium)_MG_0765 (Medium) _MG_0813 (Medium)_MG_0813 (Medium) _MG_0820 (Medium)_MG_0820 (Medium) _MG_0892 (Medium)_MG_0892 (Medium) _MG_0930 (Medium)_MG_0930 (Medium) _MG_0959 (Medium)_MG_0959 (Medium) _MG_1064 (Medium)_MG_1064 (Medium) _MG_1096 (Medium)_MG_1096 (Medium) _MG_1168 (Medium)_MG_1168 (Medium) _MG_1176 (Medium)_MG_1176 (Medium) _MG_1299 (Medium)_MG_1299 (Medium) _MG_1617 (Medium)_MG_1617 (Medium) _MG_1809 (Medium)_MG_1809 (Medium) _MG_1869 (Medium)_MG_1869 (Medium) _MG_1253 (Medium)_MG_1253 (Medium) _MG_1377 (Medium)_MG_1377 (Medium) _MG_1636 (Medium)_MG_1636 (Medium) _MG_2240_MG_2240 _MG_2221_MG_2221 _MG_2498_MG_2498 _MG_2432_MG_2432


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