March Newborns & Babies

March 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

  It is going to be a quiet week in terms of any new sessions, so I thought I would post this now.  There was a bit of a baby boom in March.  When it's usually a little more quiet around here, there were babies coming early, coming late and I got to hang out with them ;)  Please enjoy some of my favourites form this month.

IMG_3318IMG_3318 IMG_3905IMG_3905 IMG_4184IMG_4184 IMG_3708IMG_3708 IMG_4110IMG_4110 IMG_4977IMG_4977 IMG_5127-2IMG_5127-2 IMG_3827 (Copy)IMG_3827 (Copy) IMG_3320IMG_3320 IMG_3493IMG_3493 IMG_5753IMG_5753 IMG_5248IMG_5248 IMG_3462IMG_3462


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