May-Guelph Photography Sessions

June 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

  Ah yes!  The warm weather has arrived and I have been enjoying doing outdoor sessions again <3  Don't get me wrong, I do outdoor sessions in the colder weather as well, but nothing beats the warm sunshine, long days and mosquitoes ;)  On the other hand, there is always the chance of having to reschedule due to rain...  

  I met with some more adorable babies, beautiful women and their baby bumps and of course (my favourite), newborns.  Please enjoy some of my favourites from my #guelphphotostudio and at the #guelpharboretum for some of the outdoors shoots.

IMG_9286IMG_9286 IMG_8935 (Copy)IMG_8935 (Copy) IMG_8563IMG_8563 IMG_0090IMG_0090 IMG_0410IMG_0410 IMG_9181 (Copy)IMG_9181 (Copy) IMG_0797IMG_0797 IMG_0062IMG_0062 IMG_0530IMG_0530 IMG_9766IMG_9766 IMG_9680IMG_9680 IMG_0902 (Copy)IMG_0902 (Copy) IMG_8703IMG_8703 IMG_0247IMG_0247 IMG_9015IMG_9015 IMG_9771IMG_9771 IMG_8577IMG_8577 IMG_1208IMG_1208 IMG_8683IMG_8683


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