Guelph Photography Sessions-June

July 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

  Holy wowzers, June was busy!  I had my annual summer mini' right before the kids got out for the summer and before our family vacation.  I met some new families and got to see some familiar faces as well :)  That was the same with my newborn and maternity sessions, I saw quite a few families that I have worked with previously.  I had a lot of fun with all the new babies and it was my last session with the twin boys that I see every month :(  I am sharing from each of the sessions, I hope you enjoy :)

IMG_3915IMG_3915 IMG_4167IMG_4167 IMG_4338IMG_4338 IMG_3163IMG_3163 IMG_4043IMG_4043 IMG_4368IMG_4368 IMG_4712IMG_4712 IMG_5357IMG_5357 IMG_2431IMG_2431 IMG_5798IMG_5798 IMG_1656IMG_1656 IMG_1867IMG_1867 IMG_2095IMG_2095 IMG_2672IMG_2672 IMG_2853IMG_2853 IMG_5973IMG_5973 IMG_1576IMG_1576 IMG_2630IMG_2630 IMG_2964IMG_2964 IMG_3287-2IMG_3287-2 IMG_3734IMG_3734 IMG_4770IMG_4770 IMG_5260IMG_5260 IMG_5618IMG_5618 IMG_6081IMG_6081


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