February Sessions

March 05, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


Phew!  We made it through February and I was lucky enough to see a few babies last month.  February is normally a slower time for photographers, a time to focus on behind the scenes stuff and for learning etc.  I spent a lot of February dealing with the winter blues.  I have to be honest, it was a tough one this year.  I seem to be clambering my way out, but wowzers, I feel like I aged a decade over this winter.  

  Thank goodness for my job, where I get to snuggle babies and then send them on their merry way ;)  Don't get me wrong, I love babies, but thinking about what life was like when we had babies in the house makes me remember how hard it was.  Yes, I am dealing with sassy kids now, but a screaming newborn and the constant feeding...  But, I made it through and so will you or you already have!  I also did my first boudoir session and had a blast and I am so excited to do more!

  I will finish this little blog post with some adorable little babies and some beautiful women <3

IMG_2081IMG_2081 IMG_1315IMG_1315 IMG_2343IMG_2343 IMG_2752IMG_2752 IMG_3566IMG_3566 IMG_1902IMG_1902 IMG_0816IMG_0816 IMG_2438IMG_2438 IMG_3072-2IMG_3072-2 IMG_4191IMG_4191 IMG_2241IMG_2241 IMG_1538IMG_1538 IMG_1224IMG_1224 IMG_1581IMG_1581 IMG_4290IMG_4290 IMG_3087IMG_3087 IMG_3814IMG_3814 IMG_4658IMG_4658 IMG_1745IMG_1745



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