March Sessions

April 01, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

  Studio maternity sessions will be coming to an end soon as the warmer weather comes in...  I am actually doing a maternity session tonight in the studio vs outside because we received some ridiculous snow over the weekend. I still love doing maternity sessions in the studio, I just REALLY love doing them outside.  I feel like there is way more variety and backdrops.  This doesn't mean that the studio is out of the question if you are planning an upcoming session, it just means that spring is slowly creeping in and I am anxious to work outside in the sunshine and walk around and get attacked by bugs... 

  Anywho, I am sharing some of my favourites from March.  Please contact me if you are wanting to set up an upcoming session as available time slots become more limited in the summer and fall due to my kids being home and being away/booked up on the weekends.  Newborn/maternity sessions are booked in your 2nd trimester to ensure I do have availability.  Please check out my Promotions page to see current promotions.  The mini maternity promotion will be ending soon, so you may want to take advantage sooner than later :)

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