April/May Sessions

June 10, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

  Am I ever behind!  Spring arrived with a bang with so many babies.  So many of them born early and I think 1 girl was born a day late.  It's nice that I enjoyed the rainy weather photographing adorable babies in my studio and in clients homes.  I LOVE going to clients homes.  When I went away to college I studied interior design at a couple of different schools.  It turned out school wasn't for me ;)  I do still love and have a huge interest in design and decorating, and that is why I love going to clients homes.  I get to see so many different tastes and spaces.  Mind you, not a lot of the homes are featured in the sessions as I am usually up in people' faces...

  Well, here I am catching up on the April and May sessions.  I am looking forward to meeting new families and familiar faces this summer :)  Please enjoy.  Also, I have a June promotion posted here June Promotion

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