2019 catch up

January 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

  Holy Hannah guys, the last blog I did was for June, July & August.  That just shows how on top of things I am...  Typical Danielle style, start stressing about other things that are building up, then decide to blog the last of my 2019 sessions.  Does anyone else tend to procrastinate until you are standing on the edge essentially, then add a tiny bit more to that plate just to see if you can handle a bit more?  I'm ridiculous that way.  I also like to take on a bunch of projects all at the same time!  Anyway, let's proceed with capping up 2019.  It was an amazing year!  I saw families grow and I met new families, there were hiccups and things to celebrate.  So here she goes, please enjoy some of the last sessions from 2019.  It's a big one ;)


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