Family Sessions 2020

January 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

  I am so thankful for all of the families that chose to work with me over the years.  I have missed seeing as many families due to this ongoing crappy covid crap, and hopefully we all will have a somewhat normal life in the near future.  I don't even know what to put into words as I am at a loss.  I'm not great with words on a good day, so here are some beautiful families, enjoying some beautiful weather :)

IMG_0586IMG_0586 IMG_0867IMG_0867 IMG_0333IMG_0333 IMG_7565IMG_7565 IMG_7682IMG_7682 IMG_7425IMG_7425 IMG_6740IMG_6740 IMG_7026IMG_7026 IMG_1368IMG_1368 IMG_4269IMG_4269 IMG_5612IMG_5612 IMG_5192IMG_5192 IMG_3873IMG_3873 IMG_1321IMG_1321 IMG_1441IMG_1441 IMG_1104IMG_1104 IMG_4166IMG_4166 IMG_0432IMG_0432 IMG_0971IMG_0971 IMG_9784IMG_9784 IMG_4740IMG_4740 IMG_9539IMG_9539 IMG_4463IMG_4463 IMG_4430IMG_4430 IMG_3602IMG_3602 IMG_3925IMG_3925 IMG_4123IMG_4123 IMG_2938IMG_2938 IMG_2355IMG_2355 IMG_3004IMG_3004 IMG_8776IMG_8776 IMG_1279IMG_1279 IMG_4568IMG_4568 IMG_8187IMG_8187 colllagecolllage IMG_7921IMG_7921 IMG_8548IMG_8548 IMG_6113IMG_6113 IMG_7488IMG_7488 collagecollage IMG_3636IMG_3636 IMG_5477IMG_5477 IMG_5060IMG_5060


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