Family Sessions 2020

January 11, 2021

  I am so thankful for all of the families that chose to work with me over the years.  I have missed seeing as many families due to this ongoing crappy covid crap, and hopefully we all will have a somewhat normal life in the near future.  I don't even know what to put into words as I am at a loss.  I'm not great with words on a good day, so here are some beautiful families, enjoying some beautiful weather :)

IMG_0586IMG_0586 IMG_0867IMG_0867 IMG_0333IMG_0333 IMG_7565IMG_7565 IMG_7682IMG_7682 IMG_7425IMG_7425 IMG_6740IMG_6740 IMG_7026IMG_7026 IMG_1368IMG_1368 IMG_4269IMG_4269 IMG_5612IMG_5612 IMG_5192IMG_5192 IMG_3873IMG_3873 IMG_1321IMG_1321 IMG_1441IMG_1441 IMG_1104IMG_1104 IMG_4166IMG_4166 IMG_0432IMG_0432 IMG_0971IMG_0971 IMG_9784IMG_9784 IMG_4740IMG_4740 IMG_9539IMG_9539 IMG_4463IMG_4463 IMG_4430IMG_4430 IMG_3602IMG_3602 IMG_3925IMG_3925 IMG_4123IMG_4123 IMG_2938IMG_2938 IMG_2355IMG_2355 IMG_3004IMG_3004 IMG_8776IMG_8776 IMG_1279IMG_1279 IMG_4568IMG_4568 IMG_8187IMG_8187 colllagecolllage IMG_7921IMG_7921 IMG_8548IMG_8548 IMG_6113IMG_6113 IMG_7488IMG_7488 collagecollage IMG_3636IMG_3636 IMG_5477IMG_5477 IMG_5060IMG_5060

2020 Newborn Sessions In Review

January 05, 2021

  I was able to meet adorable babies in 2020.  Less than usual, but I think a lot of us did fewer things than before...  I'm happy I was able to get back to work in the summer after our first lockdown, and I was able to squeeze one newborn into the studio a few days before the current lockdown. 

2020 certainly was challenging and scary and confusing, but hopefully, things are looking up for everyone :)  Here is a cute post on some cute babies.  I hope I am able to start capturing more very, very soon! 

IMG_9631IMG_9631 IMG_9702IMG_9702 IMG_0072IMG_0072 IMG_2129-2IMG_2129-2 IMG_9092IMG_9092 IMG_1776IMG_1776 IMG_0396IMG_0396 IMG_1069IMG_1069 IMG_1392IMG_1392 IMG_9694IMG_9694 IMG_2261IMG_2261 IMG_3513IMG_3513 IMG_4111IMG_4111 IMG_3954IMG_3954 IMG_4687IMG_4687 IMG_7003IMG_7003 IMG_6621IMG_6621 IMG_3900IMG_3900 IMG_8963IMG_8963 IMG_7800IMG_7800 IMG_9212IMG_9212 IMG_0227IMG_0227 IMG_0702IMG_0702 IMG_9803IMG_9803 IMG_0797IMG_0797 IMG_1739IMG_1739 IMG_4613..IMG_4613.. IMG_4544IMG_4544 IMG_9225IMG_9225 IMG_2137IMG_2137 IMG_5879IMG_5879 IMG_9811IMG_9811 IMG_8928IMG_8928 IMG_6228-2IMG_6228-2

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2019 catch up

January 21, 2020

  Holy Hannah guys, the last blog I did was for June, July & August.  That just shows how on top of things I am...  Typical Danielle style, start stressing about other things that are building up, then decide to blog the last of my 2019 sessions.  Does anyone else tend to procrastinate until you are standing on the edge essentially, then add a tiny bit more to that plate just to see if you can handle a bit more?  I'm ridiculous that way.  I also like to take on a bunch of projects all at the same time!  Anyway, let's proceed with capping up 2019.  It was an amazing year!  I saw families grow and I met new families, there were hiccups and things to celebrate.  So here she goes, please enjoy some of the last sessions from 2019.  It's a big one ;)


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IMG_7760IMG_7760 IMG_9458IMG_9458 IMG_9090IMG_9090 IMG_0732IMG_0732 IMG_7813IMG_7813 IMG_9497IMG_9497 IMG_7768IMG_7768 IMG_0902IMG_0902 IMG_4446IMG_4446 IMG_4457IMG_4457 IMG_4577IMG_4577 IMG_9587IMG_9587 IMG_4608IMG_4608 IMG_8542IMG_8542 IMG_8553IMG_8553 IMG_8757IMG_8757 IMG_8746IMG_8746 IMG_8657IMG_8657 IMG_8677IMG_8677 IMG_6848IMG_6848 IMG_1348IMG_1348 IMG_8147IMG_8147 IMG_8145IMG_8145 IMG_1224IMG_1224 IMG_2631IMG_2631 IMG_0368IMG_0368 IMG_3366IMG_3366 IMG_3853IMG_3853 IMG_8056IMG_8056 IMG_3110IMG_3110 IMG_5057IMG_5057 IMG_4312IMG_4312 IMG_4303IMG_4303 IMG_3033IMG_3033 IMG_4788IMG_4788 IMG_4812IMG_4812 IMG_7090IMG_7090 IMG_6956IMG_6956 IMG_7680IMG_7680 IMG_7076IMG_7076 IMG_7294IMG_7294 IMG_7729IMG_7729 IMG_8521IMG_8521 IMG_8962IMG_8962 IMG_8931IMG_8931 IMG_8487IMG_8487 IMG_8853IMG_8853 IMG_9826IMG_9826 IMG_8922.IMG_8922. IMG_0541IMG_0541 IMG_0722-2IMG_0722-2 IMG_1334IMG_1334 IMG_0783IMG_0783 IMG_0974IMG_0974


Guelph Engagement

November 27, 2019

  This is a short and sweet post.  It's been a while since I photographed a wedding, and these 2 are getting married 2 1/2 weeks!  I have to admit that I am a bit nervous, but these two make it super easy.  I had such a blast during their engagement session last month.  He was cracking jokes and we were laughing at all of them ;)  The setting sun and beautiful weather couldn't have made things any more perfect.  I thought I should blog this session, as I never did get a chance to share so many photos.  I loved everything about this session and I can't wait to see what their wedding brings <3

IMG_8544IMG_8544 IMG_8558IMG_8558 IMG_8650IMG_8650 IMG_8632IMG_8632 IMG_8549IMG_8549 IMG_8756IMG_8756 IMG_8690IMG_8690 IMG_8663IMG_8663 IMG_8676IMG_8676 IMG_8793IMG_8793 IMG_8809IMG_8809 IMG_8907IMG_8907 IMG_8838IMG_8838

June, July August Sessions

September 24, 2019

  Here I am trying to get back on track with monthly blogs.  I am currently battling with a killer headache that I have had for a few days now.  I'm thankful I don't have any sessions lined up this week, because it wouldn't be fun.  Clearly summer is no time to be blogging, we were too busy having fun, taking photos and living the wonderful summer life :)  There was, surprisingly, not a lot of rescheduling due to weather this summer.  That is usually the case, but it didn't seem to rain too much this year (which made life a lot easier).  I met with a lot of adorable babies, wonderful families and fun and crazy kids. 

  In this line of work, comparison rears its ugly head (a lot), and I have been trying, for years it seems like, to not get stuck in that shitty mindset.  Winter is usually when it is at its worst.  During the summer and fall, I am too busy to think about it, but things always slow down during the winter months and I always get depressed, compare myself to others and I hate every second of it.  Hopefully this winter I will keep myself busy with learning and doing all of the things that get pushed back when I am too busy.  I won't be entering any photo competitions this year as I am starting to realize that they mean nothing (to me at least).  I know I take nice photos, my clients know I take nice photos, so I don't always need to reassure myself by entering photos and having random people judge them.  Every photo can't be awesome, that would be impossible.  But to at least keeping my clients happy and to keep myself happy, I think is enough.  So on a lighter note, here are some cute photos of some babies <3

IMG_4388IMG_4388 IMG_6902IMG_6902 IMG_4427IMG_4427 IMG_4758IMG_4758 IMG_4956IMG_4956 IMG_5437IMG_5437 IMG_6284IMG_6284 IMG_6652IMG_6652 IMG_9628IMG_9628 IMG_0985IMG_0985 IMG_2141IMG_2141 IMG_1364IMG_1364 IMG_4738IMG_4738 IMG_5133IMG_5133 IMG_6759IMG_6759 IMG_8825IMG_8825 IMG_9205IMG_9205 IMG_7622IMG_7622 IMG_7960IMG_7960 IMG_7835IMG_7835 IMG_0409IMG_0409 IMG_7408IMG_7408 IMG_5932IMG_5932 IMG_7379IMG_7379 IMG_2076IMG_2076 IMG_0634IMG_0634 IMG_3173IMG_3173 IMG_4186IMG_4186 IMG_3689IMG_3689 IMG_4793IMG_4793 IMG_6258IMG_6258 IMG_4574-2IMG_4574-2 collage-2collage-2 IMG_2443IMG_2443 IMG_9475IMG_9475 IMG_1085IMG_1085 collage-3collage-3 IMG_4025IMG_4025 IMG_4015IMG_4015 IMG_2202IMG_2202 IMG_3597IMG_3597 IMG_1223IMG_1223 IMG_0768IMG_0768 IMG_9744IMG_9744 IMG_9764IMG_9764 IMG_0831IMG_0831 IMG_8188IMG_8188 IMG_9036IMG_9036 IMG_7752IMG_7752

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